Circa Home – Vanilla Bean and Allspice Soy Candle

If you aren’t familiar with Circa Home’s range of scents inspired by different years, let me start by introducing you to their Vanilla Bean and AllSpice Scented Soy Candle which is reminiscent of 1965.

Back to the days when things were simpler and washing machines lasted 20 years and meals were made from scratch, this scent is warm, homely and welcoming. The aroma is made with a blend of Vanilla, Sandalwood, Patchouli and a tiny amount of Bergamot. Vanilla is one of those scents which can quickly becoming sweet and overpowering, but Circa Home have the combination right and this is one that burns subtlety and beautifully in the background.

circa home 1965

The candles are beautifully packaged in a simple glass jar, I suppose in 1965 candles weren’t quite this clean and pretty to burn so this is definitely something worth embracing. Handmade in Australia, the brand uses natural soy wax, high quality fragrant oils and lead-free cotton wicks. The expertise and quality is obvious as soon as you light the wick and they have even thought to make the jar and packaging 100% recyclable.

Circa Home is one of my favourite brands when it comes to candles, and this one is just lovely!

260g / $29.95

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