Interview: Rachel Holm (Hanako Therapies)

2009 saw a devastating tragedy touch the lives of Rachel and Jeff Holm, a tragedy which inspired Rachel to pursue her passion for healing and alternative therapies. This grew into Hanako Therapies and we were able to question Rachel about her brand and her inspirations.

Hi Rachel, welcome to Beauty and Lace and thanks for talking to us.

How did Hanako Therapies come to be created?

Hanako Therapies was created after a move to USA. I was yet to find my circle of practitioners, so having studied Energetic and Spiritual healing and beginning studies over there in Aromatherapy I began to blend together elixir’s with energetic intentions and purposes. That’s how the I AM… Range was born. Also I love natural perfumes and wasn’t finding anything that I was drawn to so that’s how the idea of combining both ideas into a vibrational perfume covered my ideal fragrance.

Where does the name come from?

The name Hanako came after I had hiked to the top of Cathedral Rock in Sedona. I was actually making the essence of Cathedral Rock Vortex at the time. You’re in a meditative space while making an essence and the name literally just dropped into my head, I heard (clairaudience) the name Hanako. So I wrote it down in my notebook not knowing what it was or what it meant. After finishing up the essence and walking back to the car, I couldn’t stop thinking about this word, so I did a google search as soon as I got to the car and discovered it meant “flowerchild” in Japanese. Perfect…… There was the name! Very fitting for what I was creating.

Can you tell us a little about your background and training?

Back in 2009 just after losing my firstborn child, I felt a huge push to learn more about the mind body connection. I had wanted to Study this particular course for a while and after she passed just 3 months later I began my studies of Energetic and Spiritual Healing at Nature Care College. It was a 2 year Diploma course and it was incredible. From there it has been constant learning, in the US I began studies in Aromatherapy, classes in Apothecary and Natural Skincare and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. I love learning, so for me, new studies will always be on the cards. There is so many areas I would still like to branch out into. All in time.

What is Energetic Healing and how have you made it part of your business?

Energetic Healing is a non invasive way of healing and works holistically on your body, mind and spirit to balance, calm and clear your life force energy. Energy shifts and changes but sometimes due to stress, toxins, too much mental activity, suppressed emotions, shock or trauma the energetic system can become blocked or stagnant creating illness or ailments in the physical body. Energetic healing works to release these blockages and bring about harmony, clarity and a state of peace and oneness. Hanako’s Meridian Blends came about as a self nourishing ritual one can use at home and in between appointments of seeing your practitioner and for looking after your own wellbeing. These blends use specific pure essential oils in 100% organic Jojoba oil that complement the particular organs. You place these blends onto particular acupressure points that help to stimulate the lines of energy creating your own little self healing practice. Each also has an affirmation on the bottle to help plant seeds of wellbeing.


Can you tell us a little about Hanako Therapies and what you do?

Hanako Therapies is as a self nourishing range of vibrational essences, scents and blends helping one to create a daily ritual of self love, care and kindness.

Each blend is carefully handcrafted one by one and is made in small batches. The table is set up with specific crystals placed around to further the intention and purpose of the blend being made. The pure essential oils are dropped in along with the gem and flower essences into a 2.5ltr glass amber bottle, then the natural dispersant is poured in, topped then with the crystal infused water. Each Blend also has their own mantra that they are bathed in. Once made the batch is then hand pumped into the bottles, capped then labelled. Upon final seal they are given a gong bath. It’s a process but something that I feel I personally have to do to maintain its authenticity and vibrational energy.

Happy Tracks is one of your products, can you tell us about it?

Happy Tracks came about when we were about to embark on a 6 week road trip around the US. Little Willow at the time was 2 years old and suffered from car sickness, unable to find any natural remedy, I thought I’d make my own blend of pure essential oils and essences to help with the upset stomach and nausea. It worked a treat and not once was she sick. This blend turned out to work wonders for my Mum too who has suffered from a crampy and upset stomach for years due to major bowel surgery. It is always in her handbag and is whipped out the minute she starts to get pain.

How did you come up with the blends?

There was a lot of experimenting and playing before each one became the finished product. I would choose different pure essential oils that were associated with the intention I was creating, and would start blending based on intuition. Then of course I added the essences to help support the intention and came up with an affirmation to seal the purpose. I organically had mantra music playing each time I was sitting down blending so this naturally became a part of the process.

What is your most popular product?

Our most popular product is I AM… Inspired. It has such a fresh and uplifting scent and certainly leaves you feeling good and revitalized.

Are you working on any new products to add to the range?

There are few new products in the experimental phase as we speak. It’s exciting and we look forward to adding to the Hanako Therapies range. It’s all a natural progression.

Thanks for your time Rachel.

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