Boho Chic, Preppy Boutique Dresses to the Rescue

Are you one of those ladies that does not always follow the same fashion guidelines? Do you like thinking outside the style box a bit? Do you prefer to mix up your styles on a daily basis? Boho Chic one day and then Prep and Pearls the next?  If this is the case, you are not alone. It’s a fine line to walk between down-to-earth boho and sophisticated prep. But how do you maintain an even balance between these two cherished looks in one outfit?

Rest assured, that balance can be maintained and flaunted. As the warmer weather comes into the picture, you will want to throw the closet doors open and see what dresses to wear but then you will want to take it a step further and add a couple new pieces to the mix. This is where those boho chic, preppy boutique dresses can be found without a hitch if you know the right places.


Instead of combing through scores of internet links, simply go by these straightforward traits for what true boho chic, pretty boutique dresses should look like:

  1. Classic Yet Unique – timeless pieces are simply that, timeless, but having “personality” is what sets them apart from traditionally classic looks.
  2. Simple Yet Artsy –attire that at first sight seems unassuming but at closer look highlights the artistic soul of the wearer.
  3. Tailored yet Flowing – outfits that enhance the wearer’s figure but allow for free movement and mobility.

These guidelines might seem like a bit of a paradox but they are actually a fine balance between two opposing forces that are usually at odds against each other. Such is the case in the world of fashion but boho chic, preppy boutique dresses cause these polar opposites to join forces in a splendid combination of color, creativity, elegance and art.

Some might think it is a myth that such a style of dress exists but that is not the case. Online boutiques cater to this exact demographic. These types of stores have a continuous rotation of unique boho chic, preppy boutique dresses that provide to almost all personality types searching for a mixed, exclusive look. Some dresses target more of the boho soul, having a free flowing design with bright patterns while others are meant for those true preps with a fitted and simple look in subtle hues. Then there are the dresses that balance the two fashion styles evenly.

So, do not worry about having an identity crisis when trying to choose the next statement piece for your closet. You do not have to take sides in the traditional battle between boho and chic because there is really not a need to. You can perfectly alight with both parties through one, unique look in boho chic, preppy boutique dresses. The only thing that might be distressing is having to say that entire line as your style type but then again that challenges you to take the next step to inventing a completely new word for this unique flair. Now, go forth and rock the world.

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