Treat Yourself With Cocolo Chocolate

Chocolate is, and always will be, a delectable temptation. And just quietly, we think chocolate should be at the top of the food pyramid. We’ve found an amazing tantalising treat for you that is well worth a visit to the health food shop and something to get a little excited over.

Cocolo Chocolate is a product of the Swiss people, who we all know are quite dapper. A good choice for the health conscious, each bar includes organic and fairly traded ingredients, including our usual chocolaty favourites; cocoa liquor, cocoa butter, vanilla and milk powder.



A promise of no additives will please many, making it an especially good choice for little growing bodies.

A teasing gift for your palette, we describe Cocolo as being slightly sweet, creamy and delightfully rich.

Stockists – Cocolo can be found in various health shops and fair trade stores. For more details, visit 

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