Effective Ways to Tackle Termites in Wooden Furniture

Termites can be hard to spot on furniture because they don’t build mud tubes as they usually do when living underground. The type of termites that infest furniture are known as dry-wood termites.

An infestation is commonly identified by signs such as frass (piles of colored wood pellets) around furniture, wood producing a hollow sound when tapped, disintegrating of wood, or cracks on the edges.

Termites find their way to furniture by sensing the smell of wood when close and embark on the infestation process. If you notice signs of termite infestation on your furniture, it’s advisable to start treatment immediately to avoid crumbling. Termites infest in various types. Common ones include:

• Drywood termites 
• Formosan termites
• Dampwood termites 
• Subterranean termites 
• Conehead termites. 

Despite their differences, the methods of getting rid of them are generally the same. In this article, we will discuss the top ways to get rid of these pests.

1.Exposing Furniture to Sunlight 

A termite’s conducive environment is a dark and moist surrounding. They are unsuitable to survive in the scorching sunlight. It’s therefore wise to make the most of their weakness by exposing them to hot sunlight.

Take out all infested pieces of furniture and air them on the sun. Ensure sunlight reaches the hives of the termites by removing any clutter surrounding it. Poke in the hives with a stick to uncover the colony to allow access to the sun’s rays. 

Repeating the process for 2 to 3 days will help curb the infestation. 

2.Use of Nematodes

Using nematodes is one of the most effective ways of treating termite infestations in your furniture. It’s a rare method that is not known to many. Nematodes are microscopic worms that kill large masses of termites when introduced to a colony.

They usually seek termite larvae, burrow into them, and release a certain bacteria that is fatal to the termites. They are easy to use as you only need to release them into the hive and let them do their work. They can be found in pest treatment stores. It’s one of the most natural and eco-friendly ways to get rid of termites damaging your furniture. 

3.Use of Cardboard Traps

This is another natural and effective way to get rid of termites from a piece of furniture. However, it works in synchrony with the sunlight method.

The woody scent of cellulose easily lures termites. The cellulose in the cardboard provides a great trap for the termites. It’s a fairly simple method to use.

You simply pour water on a piece of cardboard and shape it to form a tube. Then set the tube-shaped cardboard on the furniture with the termites.
Leave it for a few hours then pick the cardboard and burn them away from your house. 

4.Orange Oil Treatment 

Orange is perfect for the stubborn drywood termites. These types of termites are very destructive and will leave your furniture crumbling if not treated as soon as possible. Orange oil contains d-limonene which is fatal for any type of termite.

When termites get in contact with this solvent, it leads to a reaction with their exoskeleton which eventually causes death. Orange oil is sprayed in the termite hives on a piece of furniture. It also works by interrupting the communication of termites. Any piece of furniture sprayed with a lot of orange oil keeps termites away.

Note that this oil causes skin irritation and can be harmful if ingested. It’s therefore advisable to take necessary measures or seek professional help from your pest control stores. Excel Pest Control offers professional advice on planning and treatment of termite infestation among other pests.

5.Use of Vinegar

One of the numerous uses of white vinegar is getting rid of termites. Vinegar is common in a majority of homes so is the fastest way you can start curbing termites infestation when you spot the signs. This method works by mixing white vinegar with fresh lemon juice.

Use a spray bottle to spray the solution in the hives on a piece of infested furniture. The termites will either die or move away from the furniture. The spraying should be done far from the house to prevent termites from migrating to other pieces of furniture. 

6. Use of Borates

Though not natural, Borates are a very effective way of getting rid of termites from your furniture. Sodium borate causes severe dehydration in termites leading to death. You can either pour the powder form in the hives or form a solution with hot water and spray it in the hives.

All this methods are effective in the treatment of termites depending on the severity of the infestation and also the types of termites that have infested your furniture.

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