Finding Inspiration For Your Alternative Wedding

Your wedding should be the most important day of your life. And, that is why you should ensure that it is personal to you both as a couple, and not necessarily following all of the rules and traditions of other weddings. Just because someone has done something at your wedding does not mean that you are obliged to make that happen on your day. You choose how you want your big day to go.

Gathering Inspiration

You don’t need to take your inspiration from other weddings. If there are things that you like from books, films, music, TV, fashion, or anywhere else for that matter, throw it all into the mix together. 

Start a scrapbook or Pinterest board that you can keep all of your inspiration and ideas in. Let your mind become open to the possibilities of doing whatever it is that you want to do. Get carried away, finding things that you love the look of. 

Wedding Food

Your wedding should be a celebration of everything that you love, so why not include the food that really gets you excited. So often, wedding food ends up being bland and unsatisfying, people choose something because it sounds fancy and they think that that is what they should have. If you want fish and chips, why not hire a chip van? If you want curry, your guests will remember it. If you love Spanish food, look at a Paella catering company

Wedding Fashion

If the big white wedding is not your scene, don’t have one. Your wedding dress should be something that you feel comfortable and good wearing. Many people don’t enjoy the process of wedding dress shopping as they feel very self-conscious. If these apply to you, pick a dress and a style that you want to wear. Remember that you will be looking back on this for years to come, so have a think about what you like and make the decision that is best for you. The added bonus of not wearing something that is being marketed explicitly as a wedding dress is that you are likely to save yourself a considerable amount of money. 

Picking The Perfect Venue

If you are not a religious person, then you should not feel obliged to get married in a church. Pick a venue in a place that is important to you. Maybe there is a connection to you both, and the place has personal significance to your relationship. 

There are so many places that can host weddings now. Check to see if you can legally marry in the place that you want to. If you can’t, you may still be able to hold a ceremony there that is not legal, and then perform the legal part of the marriage in a registry office on another day. If you are having a non-legal ceremony, then you can get anyone to be the celebrant, meaning you can have a close friend or family member to perform the service.  

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