In Praise of Treats

It’s payday finally and it’s time to take yourself out and buy a little treat, or maybe a big treat. When you’ve been working away with no time for the fun things in life, there are moments when giving yourself a little reward is just what the doctor ordered.

There are plenty of blogs out there with advice on saving and investing but just for once, just for today we’re talking about spending and spending on you. So let’s take a look at what you might find to splurge out on this payday and give yourself a little boost.

For Home Bodies

When you like nothing better than creating sumptuous food for friends and family members then treat yourself to the ultimate in kitchen gadgets. If you haven’t already got the incredible KitchenAid stand mixer than rush out immediately and get one. Available in vintage pastel colours, this is quite simply the stand-out kitchen accessory for every cook.

Get the perfect dough, mash your potatoes to the exact consistency, it might not be cheap but once you have one you’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

If you’re more about your decor then why not freshen up your living space with some new wall art. Take down those drab and dreary pictures that have been hanging in the same spot for years and treat your eyes to some art that dazzles and transforms your interiors.

For Accessories

What could be better than perfect Handmade Jewellery, unique to you and a great way to remind yourself that you’re worth spending a little bit of money on.

If you’re looking for something away from jewellery then maybe it’s time for a new bag that’s going to mean getting all your books, phone, not to mention your sportswear, too and from work every day with less of a squeeze. Find something classic and spacious that breathes quality and ditch the plastic bags or worn out holdall.

For Sports Lovers

The weather’s not always great and that can make getting out for a run an unpleasant experience. Why not treat yourself to a gym membership or upgrade your existing one to include a new class or access to fresh, clean towels.

Get kitted out with some new running shoes or a watch that will keep you on track and measuring your achievements. Why not sign up to a new class and learn a new sport or join a team, treat yourself to some new sports gear to get you motivated and looking the part.

There are times when you need to save and times when it’s perfectly ok to splash out and loosen the reins a little bit. This payday take a look at everything you’ve achieved and find a treat, large or small that will give you a lift. It doesn’t have to be expensive or flashy but if you’ve been waiting to get that dress or beauty product make it happen and put a spring back in your step today.

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