Hair Trends You’ll Want to Try This Summer

Spring is upon us and warmer weather is coming – we’ll be getting beach ready and looking our best. Aside from shopping for brighter clothes, most of us are going to be searching for a new look – starting with our hair. Spring and summer hair trends are going to help make things brighten up your warm weather plans.

A Rich Chocolate Touch

For those who have brown or black hair and want minimal change to their look, fusing a rich chocolate brown into dark locks is ideal. Adding chocolate highlights into your dark hair creates a more dimensional look. Go for a darker brown or even warm amber – this 2018 hair trend is a great way to bring a bit of colour into your summer without adding too much. Shades that run from dark golden brown to jet black look incredible on individuals with hazel to dark brown eyes.

Blonde – Warm and Icy Unite

Blond is not a hair trend that will go out of style, but it is said that there will be even more blonds going all the way this year. Platinum blonde is a difficult look to keep up, and it often takes more than a few visits to the salon to pull this popular look off. However, platinum gives that much sought after sun-kissed fresh-from-the-beach look.

You may choose a warmer shade of blonde known as cream soda – which is just as fun as it sounds. Cream soda is a shade of blond between golden blond and bleach blond. It is a versatile colour that works for most seasons, but it will shine in the warm sun during spring and summer. This year may just dictate that blonds do have more fun.

If you are unsure about the shade of blond you’d go for, try to match your hair with your eyes colour or skin tone. Warm skin goes best with golden blondes; those with blue or hazel eyes will complement your face with ash or golden tones.

Mulled Wine

Red hair is always a statement when its vivid from the get-go, and mulled wine hair is no exception. It was a big hit during the winter but, just as reds do, this dark spiced colour has stuck around and is still here in spring. It makes even the dullest hurry-up-and-go outfit stand out with these bright shades of burgundy and deepest red.

Bright, Acidic Colour

When it comes to getting your hair ready for summer, we are all willing to try something new and daring. What could be more rebellious than a bright acid pink or a technicolor green? Pinks and oranges, especially, are said to be taking us all into the warmer seasons of 2018 – whether you go all the way or sport a below-the-ear ombré. More colour will always be more fun in the summer sun.

Whether you choose a hair colour that matches your face or wants something completely wacky, make sure it is what you want. Go into summer with healthy hair that you love, regardless of eye colour, and always be confident in your own skin – or hair, of course.

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