Style Tips That’ll Make You Stand Out From The Crowd

No-one is a background character in their own life. Everyone you meet, everyone you talk to, serves you coffee, cleans your home is the protagonist of their own life.  They’re the star! But not everyone stands out at parties or when they’re walking down a street.

Most people are just making up the background numbers! If you think you’re one of these people, then there’s some good news: there are ways to make yourself stand out from the crowd, and none of them are overly complicated. Take the advice below, and you’ll be turning heads all day long.

Understated Look

Now, there are definitely ways to get attention, but you’re trying to get the right kinds of attention, not the wrong kinds. Wearing a trash bag to work will get attention! One of the best ways to stand out from the crowd is to go for an understated look, one that doesn’t scream “look at me” but which does get noticed. This is a trial and error process and is all about finding your own style. If you’re wearing a well put together outfit, one that suits your body shape and style, then you’ll be on the right path.

Be Bold With Makeup

When it comes to standing out, your makeup is going to be your best friend! Like your clothing, it’s best not to try to force the issue by going over the top. However, you should be bold; find a makeup style that works for you. Pay particular attention to your eyeshadow, lipstick, and nail polish; they’re the eye-catching areas and spaces where you can really show off your personality. Like finding your style, this might involve some trial and error until you find what works best for you.

Rock the Accessories

Accessories are key when it comes to standing out from the crowd. There’s no shortage of options for one, and you can also buy plenty of different types, so you can switch them out depending on what your social calls for. Let’s think about the essentials. Earrings, nose-piercings, and a necklace will draw the attention to your face. A solid hat or other hair accessories will also do their part. Also, don’t forget about perhaps the most underrated type of accessory: pins and badges! With them, you’ll be able to showcase your personality and what you’re passionate about, and also look awesome. Nice!

Offbeat Pieces

You don’t want to go full-on vintage all the time, but you can incorporate some pieces into your outfit. Have a trawl through your vintage clothing shops and second-hand markets, and try and find those old items of clothing and shoes. They don’t even have to be old – any offbeat pieces will do the job!


Finally, remember the number one rule for standing out: own your attitude! There’s nothing more attention grabbing that seeing a confident, strutting person. Whatever style you opt for, make sure it’s one in which you feel you can be yourself – and then let your personality shine through!

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