Reading Wrap-Up for February 2018

So February was not one of the best months I’ve had recently. Technologically it was tragic. I started the month having to buy a new computer, and upgrade to Windows 10. Well, Windows 10 and I are still not friends and it has certainly taken some adjustment. To top it off I even deleted all of my emails accidentally on purpose and that has made things a little trying. It means I lost a lot of contacts and a lot of things I was supposed to be doing. That was not my finest day.

February started just after we returned from an amazing family holiday so there’s the return to routine and missing everyone we left behind blues to contend with. We also celebrated both of my little guys birthdays and the house needed some attention after being empty for a while.

All in all, it added up to a pretty dismal reading month. Quality was way up but quantity was way down. I’m already behind on my challenges and actually couldn’t even tell you where I am with my Australian Women Writer’s Challenge because I’m not keeping proper records… but I will get there.

Book Club is going really well and growing which is fantastic, it just means that the admin is taking longer and cutting into my reading time.

Hopefully this month I can try and get a little of my mojo back.

Total Books I read in February: 6
3 Female authors/ 2 Male author
3 Fiction novels / 1 Children’s/ 2 Novellas
4 print/ 2 digital
Books in  series: 3
5 stars on Goodreads: 3
4 stars on Goodreads: 1
Books that qualify for AWW2018:  2
Books for B&L Book Club: 4

I am really not thrilled with those stats, but they are what they are.

There were some great reads in there so it’s hard to pick a favourite, The Right Girl was thought provoking and Dean Koontz is a fave of mine from way back. I read the loose ends novella by Katie McGarry that was the bonus content with pre-order of Say You’ll Remember Me which I absolutely loved because it gave me a look back at all the characters through her first two series and let me know what’s happening with them and that one isn’t on Goodreads so no stars but definitely a fave.

Looking forward we have a huge Beauty and Lace book club month coming up with 10 titles being read by our members. I have a few favourites I’m looking forward to in there so it’s tough deciding where to start. Lucky one review is locked in to a date so that will be first. The next 3 after that will be tricky.

I think that’s about it from me so I’m going to sign off, finish my lunch and race out to health checks at the pre-school.

Happy Reading!

What did you read and love in February and what are you most looking forward to in March?

February reads and their review links:

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