50 Shades Of Great! Embracing The Goth Makeover

For all of the seasonal trends that go around and come around again, you might be forgiven for thinking that the goth getup is long gone, relegated to the mid-90s. But, it is a very healthy subculture, so, if you’re looking to bring out your inner goth, or you’re trying to put forward a subtle blend of goth and contemporary, what are the best touchstones for you to put into your overall getup?

Dark Tones

We got to start here! When it comes to dressing the part, there’s not a shade of yellow to be found! Dark is all you require. Of course, if you want to put forward a different look, or make yourself partially goth, blood red or purple are handy additions color-wise.

Accessorize Carefully

The temptation can be to go all out with your goth accessories, with hair up to the ceiling, and spiky black bracelets, but instead, go for a little touch here and there. Nose rings are a simple addition, and combining this with a darker hair color, it provides a striking look, without you having to dress head to toe in black.

Make-Up Is All

Look for some benchmarks of the goth scene, like Siouxsie Sioux, who, arguably, pioneered the Cleopatra-style eyes. Go for the electric blue colors with your eyeshadow, and either make your eyebrows thin and high-arched or pointy and triangular. Add into this dark and lipstick, preferably dark red, and you’ve got a striking appearance.

DIY Is, FYI, Fine!

The great thing about the goth look is that it is very DIY for the most part. Which means you can embrace various styles if you like, just as long as it is dark in tone. And if you’re looking to go back towards the post-punk era for inspiration, all they did was make their own clothes. So, get yourself down to a thrift store, and get creative!

Goth Is All About Attitude

The idea behind the gothic style is that you don’t conform. It’s incredibly liberating to get involved in this, especially if it’s the polar opposite of your style. As a result, it can feel like a shock to the system, so, if you’re looking to implement shades of goth, be sure to do it bit by bit. If there’s a point where it feels and looks too much for your style, stop there. But if you find yourself inspired by the goth makeover, you may want to head out into other avenues, such as steampunk, and it may be the style you’ve needed all this time!

Sure, the goth getup isn’t for everyone, but it’s a style that is so far left of center now, that it’s communicating to the world you are different. Goth isn’t just about trends, it’s about a way of life. So, if you are looking to shake up your fashion ideas, embrace the goth makeover, and you never know, it could be the one thing to change your outlook on your style forever.

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