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Styling has a lot to answer for when it comes to stressed and damaged tresses and I’m sure we would all love to be able to repair the damage, without going to the extremes of losing the length. Usually when my hair starts getting ratty that’s what happens, I go in for the big chop and I certainly don’t love it. This new range may just be the answer to your hair woes.

Hair experts Schawrzkopf Professional come to the rescue once again with the new BC REPAIR RESCUE range which will forgive the sins of too much heat, frequent colouring and straightening.

The new range of products repair hair at a cellular level with brand new Cell Perfector and Reversilane technology. One application will reverse one to three years damage which makes BC REPAIR RESCUE an essential addition to your beauty regime.

Badly damaged hair sees the outer layer (cuticle) become rough and severe damage can cause the inner structure (cortex) of the hair to break which creates gaps in the hair. This results in the hair losing its strength, elasticity and shine.

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BC REPAIR RESCUE goes a step further than many products claiming to repair hair, only to look after the outer layers. BC REPAIR RESCUE also replenishes the inner structure of the hair and the Reversilane technology seals the individual strands with anti breakage protection which gives you instantly visibly strengthened hair.

The BC REPAIR RESCUE range can be used as a salon treatment at Schwarzkopf Professional partner salons as well as ultimate hair care at home. This range is about wonderfully shiny, healthy-looking hair that makes you forget about the styling damage you did.

The range consists of a list of amazing products and 10 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be trialing the BC REPAIR RESCUE Deep Nourishing Treatment and their thoughts can be found in the comment section below.

BC REPAIR RESCUE Deep Nourishing Treatment

An intensive treatment for badly damaged hair that contains 250% more nourishing ingredients than the Repair Rescue Treatment. Makes rough hair soft and smooth.

RRP:  $28.95

Stockists: 1800 251 887

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