iGlo Selfie Case with LED Lights

No matter how much you try to fight it, the selfie is here to stay and finally there is a solution to a problem we never knew could be fixed. You know those moments, the times when you may be a little tipsy at a pub or club with your friends. You are feeling the love and want to capture the moment with a group selfie – and yet they always come out dark and you are forced to go into the ladies toilets just to get a shot worthy of Facebook. Then, there are the times when you are camping or sitting outside in the dark, it could be a romantic evening or the moon may be full and you just feel like howling – try capturing any of these scenarios with the old selfie and you will be disappointed. It’s dim. It’s dark. And it’s grainy looking.


Introducing the iGlo Selfie Case, available for iPhones. The case comes with some warm LED lights so your photos are clear and bright when the lights go down. Even with a flash the quality just isn’t there, so this case certainly makes a difference. There are a few features worth noting, the lights can be dimmed and there is even a disco mode which gives a flashing effect – it’s party time! The light is also right for your skin, it acts as your very own in built filter.


The case comes with its own charger slot, and you charge as you would your phone. The case itself is quite sleek and stylish and comes in a range of colours including gold (that’s what I’m using), black and pink.

Snap chat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter – or your own personal memories of a special night, whatever your photo style the iGlo Selfie Case will help. While it may seem a little excessive, I have already grown quite attached to mine!

The iGlo is available now from www.igloselfiecase.com

RRP $59.00

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