USER TRIAL: VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate Protect and Shine

VS Sassoon has released a number of fantastic straighteners over the years, they are always on top of new developments and new technology to offer fabulous salon results at home.

The latest release adds steam to the award winning combination of Tourmaline Ceramic Coated Plates and ionic function.

The conditioning steam mist is a function you can choose to turn on, or not, but what a great addition. Steam infuses moisture back into the hair for protection, the mist also relaxes the hair cuticle for faster straightening and longer lasting results. If the added protection and the longer lasting results don’t sell you on the product the faster straightening sure should.

The ionic function offers frizz free and super smooth results every time and ceramic plates help guide the hair to reduce tangles.

VS Sassoon straighteners are always a big hit and this one is sure to be no different. To find out all about this gorgeous new product head over to the VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate Microsite:

vs goddessBest results are achieved with 100% dry and well-brushed hair.

To find out where to buy your Goddess Ultimate head to

RRP: $142.95

A selection of our members have been trialling the VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate and this is what they had to say:


I was so excited to find my VS SASSOON Goddess Ultimate straightener had arrived, I opened it right away.

At first glance I found the purple glitter colour was really pretty, it was lighter in weight than the one I previously used.

Donna BeforeDonna Before

The instructions were easy to follow. On the under section of my hair I started straightening without out the steam, it did glide really well but I found it did pull a little maybe I didn’t brush as well as I thought or it was my dry ends.

On the middle section of my hair I used the low steam function. I was not sure about using steam on my hair as I thought it would make it frizzy, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it made straightening my hair so much easier and it really did glide down my hair without any pulling at all.

Third section I was feeling confident, I had this all worked out yep all is going good. I turned up the steam, which is for my hair type thick curly hair. It worked really well. The top part of my hair is always the hardest for me it’s always the curliest and takes forever to completely straighten, not this day.

Donna AfterDonna After

Overall I loved using my VS SASSOON Goddess Ultimate straightener. It was really quick and easy to use and didn’t take forever to heat up, on the steam function it didn’t pull or break my hair and I had no fly aways. After using all functions I found the low steam function on 190 was best for my hair. I loved, loved, loved it thank you for the opportunity to review the VS SASSOON Goddess Ultimate straightener it is now my go to straightener. I will highly recommend it to all my friends and family.


For years the taming of my curly frizy hair has been a lot of trial, error and burnt fingers! I have used all different brands of straighteners and the GHD was the standout..until now. I would definitely put this on par with a GHD, while the ceramic plates are wider, I actually find the width of these plates more to my liking. As for the steam option, all I can say is “Love, love, love!”. As we all know humidity is no friend to us curly haired lasses, but I found when my hair was straightened with the steam option it stayed straighter for longer than if I had used a GHD. Very impressed and even thinking of purchasing one for my sister for her birthday. I have a friend who is a hair dresser and she also loved the results. Overall I would give this a 9/10

Tracey Before and After
Tracey Before and After

Thanks for letting me take part in this Trial


We were very happy to test the VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate Straightener.

Tyla:- I have very thick, curly, coarse hair. It was nearly impossible for me to straighten my own hair. Since using the VS straightener this has changed. It has wide plates that hold a lot of hair. Using it with just one stroke through my hair has ace results. I think since I have been using the VS my hair feels in better condition. I used to straighten it every day. Now I don’t need to do it as often and with the new VS my hair stays straight for 3 days. It makes my hair dead straight and shiny and it is easy to use.

Tyla BeforeTyla Before

Tyla AfterTyla After

Leah:- My hair is fine, curly and wavy too. I love the VS straightener, the steam action is great. It leaves my hair so shiny and straight. It looks like I have dead straight hair. Bonus it lasts for a few days. There is no smell of hair when I use it. It is a bit heavy to hold, but that is ok. I love the look of it.

Leah BeforeLeah Before

Leah AfterLeah After

Thanks to Donna, Tracey, Tyla and Leah for taking the time to trial the VS Sassoon Goddess Ultimate Straightener for us

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