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Here at Beauty and Lace we love Dreambaby and it’s hard to beat the feeling of sharing that love with our faithful readers, which is why we are offering the new Dreambaby Strollerbuddy Stroller Clips in white to our members for review.

Personally, I am getting past that stage of being able to walk with bubs in the pusher having a nap and being able to use a cover; though I must say I did love those days. What I didn’t love about those days was the slipping wrap which got caught in the wheels, or run over, or blown off in the breeze.

Having bubs out in the pram is great, for mum and bubs. The fresh air, the exercise and the socialisation if you have a walking buddy. But sometimes you want to be able to keep bubs covered; so it’s not too bright, so bubs can nap peacefully, to keep the sun off and the weather out and perhaps most importantly to keep strangers out of bubs face.

Covering the pram can be dangerous so firstly you have to make sure that there is still airflow getting in and it isn’t overheating, also be sure to check bubs regularly.

So, you have picked the perfect cover and draped it over the pusher but as soon as you go to move the breeze picks up your muslin wrap and wraps it around the handle, or the wheel or anywhere that’s not safely draping the pusher. This is a problem I had often, and Dreambaby now has an answer.

stroller clips

The Dreambaby Strollerbuddy clips are simple to use, you just clip them and the cover to the edge of the sunshade on your pusher and you are good to go. They look similar to the clips used on pram toys, which I used often to keep the little one amused. Simple, quick and secure, there’s not much you could ask to keep that cloth draped exactly where you want it to keep bubs safe from the sun, the wind and the strangers.

The Dreambaby Strollerbuddy is a pack of 4 hard plastic clips that will help you attach a fabric cover to your pram, and the 4 clips offer full coverage. The clips are lightweight and versatile, made from sturdy, non toxic materials.
Available in white (F2210) and black (F2211)

RRP: $12.95

Available now where Dreambaby products are sold.

Some of our lucky members are lucky enough to be trialling the Dreambaby Strollerbuddy and you can find out what they think in the comments below.

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