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I’m sure the rise of reality cooking shows has seen an explosion of gourmet foodies getting creative and artistic in the kitchen. I don’t have the statistics to back me up but I’m confident that this is the case. Many people are looking for something new and exciting to experiment with at home and it can be overwhelming when you first start to get more adventurous. What do you buy? What do you try? Where do you go? The questions are endless and they can make the task very daunting.

Little Box of Yum takes some of the guess work out of trying new things because the team have done all the hard work for you. They have checked out some fabulous, delicious Australian artisan brands and compiled them into a box of goodness delivered to your door.

Each box comes complete with a mini magazine called the Little Book of Yum which tells you all about the theme of the month and each of the individual products contained in your box.

Little Box of Yum is a gourmet food subscription box which aims to introduce people to exciting new artisan products they have never tried before. Each month your Little Box of Yum will be packed with hand-picked products to tantalise your tastebuds, products that can’t be found in the big supermarkets.

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Talented foodies abound in Australia, there are amazing artisan products galore and the team at Little Box of Yum are dedicated to discovering them, and sharing them with subscribers to the box.  At this point, nothing in the box needs to stay fresh or cold because the aim is to keep it safe in transit. Little Box of Yum is about food discovery so the aim is to have products that you haven’t tried, or haven’t heard of. You can expect to find things like gourmet sauces, handmade chocolates, interesting chutneys and jams to name a few.

There are a couple of ways to indulge in Little Box of Yum, you can subscribe to a monthly box which ships automatically at the beginning of every month or you can opt for a single gift box. Now is also a great time to order a Little Box of Mum, the Mothers Day Gift Box.

Delivery is free and Little Box of Yum is an amazing opportunity to Support Local, these are all Australian products and the Little Book of Yum will direct you to where you can purchase more of these wonderful products.

For just $49 a month you too can join the Little Box of Yum foodie revolution.

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A selection of our members will be testing the the Little Box of Yum, find out what they think in the comments section below.

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