Accessory or Necessity: Hats

Hats are a necessary accessory, especially in the harsh Australian sun, and the hat style that has definitely stood the test of time is the cap.

Back when I was at school there was no requirement to wear a hat, there were also a lot less safety regulations in many aspects to be honest. Now, there are strict no hat no policies in place throughout preprimary and primary centres across the state and I would think across the country. I know where my kids are at school they prefer bucket or legionnaire hats but children still seem to prefer caps. It’s not just the children either, many of the men I know still tend not to leave the hat without their trusty cap.

Thinking back to when I was at school again and by the time I reached high school caps were a must have accessory for teen boys, to an extent it depended on the group of boys but most of them had to have that cap. And of course it hat to be the right cap, I only really remember baseball caps but that may have just been that it was the only way they were referred to. NY Yankees caps were certainly the most popular and I don’t even remember knowing what it meant, I was never into Australian sport so American sport was way off my radar.

ny yankees

Nowadays with the sun so much harsher and our sun protection priorities so much higher the cap has become more than a teenage boys fashion accessory. The range of caps available is immense and they cater to a much wider demographic.

Caps are convenient, fashionable and unisex. They are even great for wear during some sports, baseball is the only one I can think of right now. There is nothing worse when you are out for a brisk walk than having your hat blow clear off your head and that is something that I find happens a lot less with a cap than other types of hats.

Snapback caps are great for adjustability and they are the ones I remember coming across the most through the years. I found, and still do, if ever I wear a cap that these are the most convenient because I can put my hair in a ponytail and stick it through the gap.

Flexfit, adjustable and snapback are all adjustable caps that mean they can be shared – though who wants to share their caps – and they take out the risk of a hat that won’t fit.

Many brands cater for women and children as well as the age old mens caps and as much as they are a necessary item in current climate conditions they are a fabulous fashion accessory.

Some people collect statues, some people collect books, some people collect can coolers, lighters or coffee cups (all of the above in my house) and some people collect caps. Actually come to think of it we have a pretty impressive collection of them too. Be assured that you can pretty much find a cap for every occasion, though if you are looking formal it may be better to look at other styles of hat.

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