Book Review: Kings Rising

Author: C.S. Pacat
ISBN: 978-0-14-379961-0
RRP: $22.99

The highly-anticipated conclusion of the Captive Prince Trilogy is finally here and it was definitely well worth the wait. I had high expectations for the final book of the trilogy and I have to say that they were exceeded.

Well written, compelling and beautifully descriptive Kings Rising gave fans of the series a satisfying ending with more twists and betrayals than I could have imagined.

The story opens with Damen recognised as Damianos Prince of Akielos, the sworn enemy of Laurent and Vere. This is a moment we have all known was coming; it was inevitable that he would be outed.

Kings Rising brings the alliance between Laurent and Damen to a completely new level when it’s time for the Akielon army to choose a side. Loyalties are tested, motives are questioned and suspicions are aroused.

Damen has had time to slowly earn the trust of Laurent and his men, to learn the way things happen in Vere and the way Laurent’s mind works. It is much harder for the Akielon soldiers to put generations of history with Vere an enemy aside to strengthen this alliance.

So many things happen in Kings Rising that I could fast descend into spoiler territory and I am trying hard to avoid that.

kings rising

I am not a big reader of erotica and I can honestly say that the male on male I have read is made up mostly of this series, I can’t remember any others I’ve read off the top of my head. Reading the first of the series I was apprehensive and not sure I would be able to get involved in the story. By the time I immersed myself back in the story I had almost forgotten about that aspect.

The storyline and the romance element is so strong that it is easy to overlook the erotic elements, which I find is often not the case.

Damen has been concerned about what would happen when his identity was finally revealed and he got a lot more than he bargained for, I think most of us did.

Laurent and Damen are on the move, collecting allies and heading towards the momentous battle that will decide the future of both their countries. Their roles have changed dramatically with the revelation of Damen’s identity and now theirs is an alliance of equals, no longer Master and slave. They seem to adjust rapidly to the new state of play but the struggle is difficult for the soldiers and the tension palpable.

Kings Rising is where Damen really comes into his own, he is finally able to be himself so we get a much clearer picture of who he is. Damen is an honest, loyal man who still, after everything that has happened, fails to see the extent of the betrayal some of these characters are capable of.

The story was compelling and there is always something happening. I would have thought that with all that has happened there would be very few plot twists that could surprise me but Pacat managed to pull out a couple more just to keep the tensions high. There were some revelations that didn’t really surprise me, the writing was on the wall, but the cunning and the depths of betrayal still had the power to shock me.

Kings Rising ties up a lot of the threads and helps us to understand Laurent in a way that we hadn’t previously. We gain an understanding of him but we also see great growth and change in him. The Damen and Laurent we met in Captive Prince are almost unrecognisable in the leaders of men that arrive at Ios to make a stand.

Fans of the series are going to love this conclusion and I, for one, am going to be keeping an eye out to see what C.S. Pacat has up her sleeve next.

Kings Rising is book #6 for the Australian Women Writer’s Challenge 2016

Kings Rising is available now through Penguin Books, Angus & Robertson Bookworld, Booktopia and where good books are sold.

You can find C.S. Pacat at her Website and on Twitter.

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