Leapfrog Letter Factory Phonics

Letter Factory Phonics from Leapfrog is suitable for ages 2 plus, but it came at the right stage for us with our three and a half year old who is only now actively learning the alphabet.

It’s a toy that gently teaches, and they are the best kind! Packaged in a little bucket the set contains all the letters of the alphabet as well as a special battery operated reader.


Leapfrog have a range of Fridge Phonics which have the look of those traditional fridge magnet letters but much more interactive, and this is a portable version which does not require a magnetic surface. That also makes it a good boredom buster which you can take anywhere with you.

When you place each letter in the reader it plays a song which names the letter and the sound it makes. When children are starting to learn to read it is helpful if they can associate the sound with the letter to work out the words, rather than just the letter names. Besides the singing, having the “characters” Tad and Lily makes it that little bit more appealing for younger children.


In addition to the individual letter sounds, this will also teach them the ABC song. The Letter Factory Phonics has volume control and it’s the kind of toy that will last as when they do start reading they can use the letter to practise spelling and sounding out words.

RRP $29.99

Available from major department stores and independent toy retailers across Australia.

For further information on LeapFrog and its products, visit www.leapfrog.com.au

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