Anathoth – Zucchini Pickle

Anathoth is a New Zealand brand who pride themselves on their home style recipes, values and strict New Zealand fruit-first policy. They are a family-owned business steeped in tradition, utilising small batch production and authentic home-style country recipes.

Recently featured in the Beauty and Lace Goodie Box, Anathoth pride themselves on being pectin free, gluten free, preservative free and using no colourings or flavourings.

Anathoth are known for their jams, pickles, chutneys and relishes with some of the flavours sounding absolutely delicious. I was able to review one of these tasty tubs for you and though the Rhubarb and Red Berry Jam sounded divine, the Apricot Chutney delicious and the Spicy Green Tomato Chutney delectable I received the Zucchini Pickle.

Zucchini – oh the bane of my teen existence. It’s good for you, it’s full of iron, you have to eat your greens – oh but why zucchini. Now that I’m a grown up I’ve learnt that sometimes zucchini can be useful and as long as I cut it up small enough to hide it from myself in spaghetti bolognese I can make myself eat it. So yes, of course it was the Zucchini Pickle I was able to review for you.


I was wary,  I can admit it, and I made the entire house try it right along with me.

The Anathoth Zucchini Pickle tasted just like I remember pickles growing up. There is a definite tang and no zucchini flavour but I know it’s in there because I could see it. There are chunks of vegies for a variety of textures and the pickle perfectly blends sweet and sour for a flavour explosion in your mouth.

I am not sure how best to make use of this product, there is a recipe section on the Anathoth website but the ones using the Zucchini Pickle were a little heavy on the Zucchini for me.

Personally, I ate mine as a dip with corn chips and I think it would go great as a salsa on an antipasto platter, or mix it with plain yoghurt or sour cream to make a dip (I am going to try this). Spread it on bruschetta and sprinkle with cheese, on sandwiches with cold meat, or add a couple of generous spoons to stews and casseroles. This really is a versatile little pickle and much nicer than its vegetable would lead you to believe.

The pottles these pickles are packaged in (glad I didn’t have to say that out loud) are completely reusable, recyclable, microwaveable, freezer safe and BPA free.

Anathoth is now available in leading Woolworths and Coles stores in Australia so I will be heading out to get my taste buds around some Rhubarb & Red Berry Jam. Please note that in Victoria you can get these at Safeway.

For more Anathoth info head over to visit their website:

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