Get the Look: Jennifer Aniston Hair

When Jennifer Aniston played Rachel in Friends her hairstyle trended and became highly requested in hair salons. Women everywhere were getting “The Rachel” and even though the style is long gone, Jennifer Aniston remains a hair style icon.

She never gets it wrong and although there may be some slight variations of cut and colour there is always a honey-ish tone and her hair is always kept long.

We asked Barney Martin, Owner and Director of Barney Martin Hairdressing how to get Jennifer Aniston’s hairstyle:

jennifer aniston hair

Barney says, “This would have to be Jennifer Aniston’s favourite look. The style shapes her face and the lighter tones around the hairline really life her features.”

To get this look:

  1. Start with a lightweight shampoo and conditioner – you don’t want you hair to look limp!
  2. Towel dry making sure you just press the towel into the lengths of your hair so you don’t cause unnecessary tangles.
  3. Then apply a volumising serum to the roots – this will help to give you that slight lift and also you’ll be able to rework if throughout the day/night.
  4. On a medium setting blowdry the hair using a flat paddle brush. Make sure gently brush the hair forward or if your arms are getting tired tilt you head upside down.
  5. Allow your part to fall to its natural side and then change you hairdryer setting to cool and smooth down any flyaways with a soft bristle brush.
  6. Spray with a volumising hair spray to hold in place but still allow movement.

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