O2 Wear – Bamboo Style Basics

O2 Wear is a baby of a company, only established last year by Anna Malovka. Anna had the fine idea of creating a business that sold style basics that were comfortable to wear and environmentally friendly.

The entire range is made purely from bamboo viscose that has been certified by the Oeko-tex 100 Standard meaning that the finished product is entirely free from toxins and chemicals.  Spandex and a small amount of organic cotton are also found in the pieces.

Choosing bamboo is a superb choice when it comes to clothing. It has many benefits over cotton, with a luxuriously lightweight feel it is hypoallergenic and is incredible soft. Bamboo is environmentally friendly and grows quite fast meaning it doesn’t require any pesticides or much water to enhance growth.


O2Wear have a top 10 benefits of choosing bamboo and why it can be of benefit to you –

  • Eco-friendly : Due to being a raw material
  • Softness : Bamboo feels wonderfully soft, smooth and gentle against your skin
  • Sensitive Skin : Allergy sufferers sing the praises of bamboo – it isn’t made with any chemicals and is naturally antibacterial.
  • Easy Care : Completely machine washable, you don’t have to worry about it going out of shape.
  • Moisture Wicking : Perfect for those who participate in sports and yoga – bamboo has almost twice the moisture transfer then cotton, leaving you feeling more comfortable.
  • Biodegradable : Being completely made from nature, bamboo is thus biodegradable.
  • UV Protection : Studies from Deakin University have shown that bamboo fabric is 60% more efficient at protecting the wearer from UV rays then ordinary cotton.
  • Breathability : Bamboo fabric is a natural temperature regulator – it is cool to wear during the warmer months and will keep you toasty and warm during the colder months.
  • Insulating : Being a naturally insulating fabric, bamboo clothing helps trap a small layer of air against your skin, creating insulation. As mentioned above, this helps to keep you cool and warm where needed.
  • Antibacterial : The antibacterial properties come from the bamboo plant which is rarely attacked by bugs/pests and is not susceptible to plant diseases.

Having tested the camisole (in pink, of course!) and leggings I can vouch that I am definitely impressed by bamboo fabric. It is indeed very soft and touchable, with great flexibility making it quite adequate for daily wear. There are no issues when it comes to washing the items and they fit well. As the weather is now becoming colder, wearing the camisole/leggings under clothes is a clever way to keep warm, without looking overly puffy due to many layers of clothing.

RRP – $29.95 for the camisole, available in 4 colours.

$39.95 for the leggings, available in black.

Stockists – Visit http://www.o2wear.com for information on purchasing, the lovely Anna is more then friendly and always willing to help.

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