How to tell if essential oils really are 100% natural

Essential oils can offer a variety of benefits. But, you have to make sure that they are 100% natural if you want to unlock all of those good properties.

But, how do you do this? Well, you have to be wary of some brands that just want your money. Here are some factors to look for if you want quality essential oils.

No Other Ingredients

Let’s start with the first sign that you have chosen natural essential oils. There is going to be no other ingredients listed on the back of the bottle or on the packaging. While this can seem like an obvious claim, you would be surprised by how many brands make claims about their product to give the illusion that they are natural. But, when you look at the ingredient list, there are actually synthetics and needless other substances in them.

So, the first thing you should do is look at the ingredient list on the essential oils. Make sure that it states 100% of your chosen oil. Of course, if you see any other substances listed, it is best to choose a brand you trust. For instance, take a look at the essential oils from Smellacloud. They are 100 per cent natural and the company list where all of their oils are from. In fact, the brand was created to avoid chemicals and keep essential oils authentic and natural.

Supplied in Dark Amber Bottles

When you are shopping around for different essential oils, sometimes the bottle they are in is going to give away whether they are natural or not. If you notice that the essential oils are stored in clear containers, this is something that you should avoid.

Natural oils will be offered in dark amber bottles since this protects them from UV rays. What’s more, essential oils are able to break down plastic. So, if you see brands using these it shows that they have not done their homework. If they do not know this, how can you be sure they are being honest about their oils?

Something else to look out for is an orifice reducer. If you have not heard of this before, it allows you to control the drops of essential oils and it is attached to the bottle opening. Not only is it for easy pouring, but it is also there to reduce oxidisation. 

The Company Has Good Reviews

Do not forget to do your research when it comes to the company you are using. In particular, take the time to read about them and see what the brand is all about. One good way to check that the essential oils are of good quality is to check the customer reviews.

If they are synthetic, someone is bound to mention this in a review. So, read some of them and see if previous customers have had good experiences with the company and their products. If the company is new, it might be best to wait a while to see what people say about them.

The Prices Seem Fair

We all love to get a good deal when we are shopping. But, something you have to be aware of is that if you want quality products, you are sometimes going to have to pay a bit more for them. This applies to purchasing essential oils and you should not expect to buy them at really cheap prices.

If you do, this could be a sign that they are not natural or ethically sourced. Therefore, if you want to make sure that you have quality essential oils you can enjoy, you will need to pay a reasonable price for them.

The Company is Willing to Answer Questions

If you want to make sure you are getting the best quality essential oils that are natural, you can always ask the company questions. Do not be afraid to reach out to them and ask for further details about their process or what their essential oils contain.

Most reputable companies are going to be happy to answer questions about their products and provide you with all of the details you need. If a company does not get back to you or is reluctant to give you any new information about their products, this could be a red flag.

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