6 First Date Rules for Men

Dating can be tricky, and first dates can be particularly awkward. The rules have changed and these days, many women think it is fair to pay half, and they might even initiative the evening by inviting you to dinner.

It can be complicated knowing how to date right, and the following first rules can help make your night together a good one:

Rule #1. Chivalry isn’t Dead.

Don’t be embarrassed to be a gentleman. If you open the door for a lady, call if you are running late, or make sure she gets home safely, she will (hopefully) appreciate the effort.

In the age of digital dating, all these little things will help you to stand out from the crowd. Polite behaviour helps create a good first impression and will make a new girlfriend feel special and desirable.

Rule #2. Ask Her Out.

If your love interest is a mutual acquaintance you might be hoping you bump into her at a party. However, this doesn’t really give you the chance to talk one on one, and you could be waiting forever.

Instead, be brave and make your intentions clear by asking her out on a real date. Think through the details, and consider a restaurant, cinema, cafe, or bar.

Rule #3. Pick Up the Phone.

These days it is much easier to use messenger and text, rather than make a phone call. This way you can avoid awkward pauses or misinterpreting your call. But, on the other hand, correspondence is not quite a full-fledged conversation. The call makes communication more real. Voice, intonation – messengers do not convey all this.

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Rule #4. Delay the First Night Action.

There is nothing wrong with being intimate on the first date. However, if you allow the tension to increase a little, this experience will be much more vivid and memorable.

If you do get dirty right away, you can miss out on all the romance that is an important part of a new relationship.

Rule #5. Wait to Meet the Friends.

For many friends, getting to know your new partner is a big deal. If they will never meet her again in their lives, it can be a big build up for nothing.

Therefore, it is better to spend more time with your new partner first; explore her virtues, hobbies, and habits. And only then decide whether to introduce her to your social circle or not.

Rule #6. Be Interesting.

It is better to avoid awkward pauses during a date by asking questions. Try not to constantly talk about yourself or ex-girlfriends. Keep the date positive, and understand it is OK to admit you are nervous!

Even if you don’t hit it off romantically, you could end up with a new friend.

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