BOOK CLUB: Stone Sky Gold Mountain

Author: Mirandi Riwoe
ISBN: 9780702262739

Thank you to Beauty and Lace and The University of Queensland Press for the opportunity to read Stone Sky Gold Mountain by Mirandi Riwoe.

Siblings Ying and Lai Yue have left their home in China to seek their fortunes on the Goldfields of  Australia in 1877.

They work for a “syndicate” in Palmer River Qld. Their dream is to find enough gold to pay their way back to China and help their family.  Fortunes are not made by everyone, Australia is not the land of opportunity they were led to believe it would be. The work is hard, lack of food and sickness force them to relocate to Maytown.

From Maytown, their paths take different directions. Lai Yue gets a job as a carrier on an expedition, leading to work as a shepherd. Ying finds work in a local store before becoming friends with Meriem.

A crime is committed, throwing suspicion on any one who is an outsider.

The story is told through the lives of the three main characters, Ying, Lai Yue and Meriem. It includes their lives prior to arriving in Australia and their journeys since arriving. Each story shows a different aspect of life for  Australia’s early settlers.  Each of them has a past. Will they all survive this harsh country? Will Ying and Lai Yue return to their family in China?

The book is a compelling and unforgettable read of a forgotten part of Australia’s history. Cleverly portraying the disrespect and hardships faced by the migrants, the aboriginals, and any white woman who dares to be different.

Beautifully written and detailed descriptions make it so easy to read and enjoy. A definite “must read” for lovers of Australian historical fiction.

A selection of our Beauty and Lace Club members are reading Stone Sky Gold Mountain. You can read their reviews in the comments below, or add your own!

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