BOOK CLUB: The Ultimate You

Author: Andy Anderson
ISBN: 978-1-63576-635-6
Copy courtesy of Diversion Books

Thank you, Beauty and Lace Book Club and Diversion Books for the opportunity to read and review Andy Anderson’s book The Ultimate You.

Anderson is the CEO and Founder of the Ultimate You Change Centres, a fitness, nutrition and coaching franchise currently operating mainly in Victoria.  Anderson believes that if you change your mind, you can transform your life and he considers the key to making this change is what he refers to as the Motivation Matrix.

According to his book, Anderson took himself from a lost teenager, drinking excessively and getting into fights, to a professional athlete and founder of a seven-figure transformation business by his early thirties by changing his mindset and the way he interacted with the world.

The self-help/self-improvement industry is an unregulated market with no requirement for formal qualifications or proven skills or track record to participate.  Internet searches turn up little to no background information on Anderson, and other than one photograph of him with a medal around his neck there is no information as to what field he is or was a professional athlete in. Reviews of his fitness, nutrition and coaching franchise are mixed with people either loving it (5 stars) or hating it (1 star).

Despite the assertion that The Ultimate You has cutting edge strategies and the groundbreaking Motivation Matrix, there is nothing intrinsically new in the book.  Anderson backs up his claims and strategies in the book with inspiring quotes and references to other well-known authors in the self-help industry.

I have no doubt that following Anderson’s methodology will bring about a transformation of mindset and lead to improvements/transformations in a person’s life because the steps that he lists are tried and true.

At the end of the day, you can hear/read the same message from countless teachers, but until you are ready to receive the message it will not resonate with you.  Anderson writes in an easy to read style with different formatting to reinforce his message, focus you in on important aspects or lessons/exercises and sum up the important content of the chapter.  While I don’t believe there is anything earth-shatteringly new in his message, the message is clearly articulated, easy to digest, and simply explained and may well provide that aha moment we are all looking for in order to be a better person.

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