BOOK CLUB: The Good Woman of Renmark

Author: Darry Fraser
ISBN: 978-1489272164
RRP:  $29.99
Copy courtesy of Harper Collins Australia

Maggie O’Rourke has always been a woman that prides herself on being independent. That was a big part of the reason she was living away from her family in the South Australian town of Renmark.  The other reason (and perhaps the bigger reason) was Sam Taylor, with his rugged good looks. Just the mention of his name was enough to make her heart skip a beat. She knew if she gave in to these feelings she would end up chained to the kitchen sink with several children to care for. 

She knew she would get very little help, and she knew that childbirth was a scary and risky thing where sometimes women and babies died. There was no way she wanted to put herself through that.  She was safer living in Remark far away from Sam and maintaining her independence.  This was true until the day that she killed a man who was in the process of forcing himself on to a friend of hers.  Maggie hits him over the head with an iron bar.  She knows that she can’t stay in Renmark so she flees on a paddle steamer and travels along the Murray.   

Back in Echuca where her family and Sam live Maggie’s mother is in shock to receive a letter from Maggie’s employer.  Maggie is missing and of course, this news comes at a bad time. Maggie’s father is in a coma after a fall from a tree and suffering a badly broken leg. Maggie’s mother wants her daughter home, so she asks Sam to please hunt for her daughter.  She knows that Sam cares for Maggie and will do his best to find her.

This is a wonderful story and I am really hoping that Darry Fraser gives some thought to a follow-up book that will continue the story of Maggie.  An enjoyable read that sucked me in and made me want only the best for Maggie.

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