BOOK CLUB: In the Clearing

Author: J.P Pomare
ISBN: 9781869713393
Copy courtesy of Hachette Australia

In the Clearing by J.P Pomare is gripping, exciting, and you have no idea which way things are going to go. If you’ve ever wondered about life in a cult, read on!

First, there’s Amy, who has spent her life in the Clearing. She works hard to make sure her community life is happy… until a new girl joins the group. She doesn’t want to stay, she isn’t fitting in, and life, as Amy knows it, is about to change – dramatically!

Freya has spent her life just trying to be ‘normal’ – a ‘normal’ mum with a young son. But then… a young girl goes missing and someone from Freya’s past arrives in town.

This is a rural Australian story, receiving very positive reviews. The author, J.P. Pomare, wrote the debut novel ‘Call Me Evie’ which was very positively received. ‘In The Clearing’ is reportedly even better than the first (which I haven’t yet read – but will be now).

If you like twists in your books, intriguing storylines, and rich characters, ‘In The Clearing’ is one for you. Thank you to Hachette Books and Beauty and Lace for a copy of this book for an honest review.

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