Philips Hue Outdoor Lights

Lighting up your backyard with pretty colours is easy with the Philips Hue range. These lights give you the perfect way to bring some ambience to your summer entertaining and will be handy all year round.

The Bridge is the heart of the system, as all the lights connect wirelessly to this platform. You can have multiple lights, both inside and out and they can all be controlled through your smartphone. Change the colours and intensity through your device, or schedule the lights to come on at specific times.

The Hue Calla Base Set is a good starting point as it can be used in your garden or by a footpath for an instant light boost. It has a black base and a bollard design which will suit most exteriors. There are 16 million colour choices, making this a garden light like no other. You will need a power supply, but the cords can be extended and it will take no time to install.

Pair this with the Hue Lily Outdoor Spotlight range. These can be placed on the wall to shine a light on otherwise dark and dim areas. Once again, these are controlled via the Hue Bridge, and the base is a sleek black.

Even those with no DIY skills will find these simple to install, but be warned, once you start you will want to keep adding to the Hue collection. Next on my list is the Lightstrip outdoor design.

Hue your home both indoors and out, and your lighting will be smarter with minimal effort.

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This range comes tried and tested, and recommended by Beauty and Lace

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