Taking Care of Your Family Pet During Halloween

Halloween is almost upon us, that means trick or treats, fireworks, scary costumes and plenty of candy for the kids. While all of this might be a lot of fun for us humans, family pets see it a lot differently. The sound of loud noises can scare our pets, they change from playful, energetic animals to anxious, terrified pets.

So, how do you prepare your family pet for sparklers, bangers and fireworks? What is the best way to keep them safe?

Tell-tale Signs of Distress

Be on the lookout for tell-tale signs your pet is distressed and frightened. Not all animals are afraid of loud noises on Halloween, some aren’t bothered by all the mayhem, while others, such as dogs can get highly agitated and often go into hiding. 

Noise phobias are common in many pets, you’ll often see dogs who are afraid of loud sounds that make them nervous. If your animal is becoming troubled, make sure you recognise the signs, so you can help:

  • Hiding in the kennel or indoors
  • Struggling to stay easy 
  • Barking or whining a lot
  • Lack of appetite 
  • Shaking and cowering  

These are clear signs you pet is distressed and maybe needs to be brought away from all the noise to relax. 

Accidents & Injuries

Unfortunately, Halloween is a time when things can sometimes get out of hand and people sometimes leave broken bottles and other dangerous objects lying around the neighbourhood from the night before. If you are bringing your dog for a walk the next day, be wary of any items that could cause them injury. 

If you aren’t covered by pet insurance and your dog gets badly injured, you’ll have to pay a lot of money for treatment when you visit the local vet. When bringing your dog for exercise the day after, be very careful where you allow them to walk, keep well away from any areas that may look like they had a bonfire burning.  

Tips, Tricks & Treatment 

The most important thing you can do for your pet before Halloween kicks off is to ensure they are well-prepared for the festivity. You must remember that Halloween comes around once a year and fireworks, bangers and sparklers are all a part of the occasion. The same applies for New Year parties and other events. If you’d like to prepare your pet for loud noises, here are some tips. 

  • You can condition them using scary noises on CD or YouTube. 
  • Microchip them just in case they run off. 
  • Create a safe zone in your home. 
  • Make sure they exercise early in the morning to avoid fireworks. 
  • You can give them calming supplements to help them relax. 

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