BOOK CLUB: Long Way Home

By Nicola Marsh
ISBN: 978-1-4892-8116-6
RRP: $29.99
Publisher: Harper Collins (MIRA)

Long Way Home is a rural romance and a great rainy weekend read.
Ruby Aston left the town she grew up in and never looked back.  She detested the small town mentality and the fact that her Mother and her were often the center of the malicious town gossip. 

Ruby did not fit in at school and was bullied daily by a group of three of the ‘beautiful in crowd’. The taunts and nasty comments came thick and fast when the bullies discovered that the good looking Connor had asked Ruby to be his date for the school dance. 

When things escalated Ruby left town without warning standing Connor up and without his date for dance.  Ruby headed for the city where she could become just one of the crowd. Melbourne became her home and she had no desire to return to her home town at all, but when her Mother passed away she was forced to return for the funeral and to deal with the loose ends of her Mother’s estate.  

Connor and his wealthy family are still living in the small town, and as his Father is ill, Connor is trying hard to prove himself to his Dad.  He has the task of purchasing the towns local and very popular Roadhouse so that the Delaney Corp. can build their big resort and golf course.  Without the Roadhouse the resort won’t be able to be built and that includes the planned new golf course. If he doesn’t acquire the Roadhouse as planned he knows he will have failed his Father.

Ruby’s return to town throws both her life and Connors life into a spin.  The emotions that were there all those years ago are still there just simmering under the surface, but the battle for the Roadhouse adds a big complication.
Is it love or money that wins out in the end?

I found this 368 page book to be a lovely and easy read.  It has its twists and turns without being overly complicated.

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