BOOK CLUB: The Girls

By Chloe Higgins
ISBN: 9781760782238
Review copies courtesy of Pan Macmillan Australia.

This is the true story of Chloe Higgins writing about her life after the loss of her 2 sisters  in a car accident from which their father survives.

It is a gut wrenching novel with no holds barred and Chloe strips bare her soul. There is nowhere to hide in this book. Emotions are rampant. Not only does she have to cope with her loss, but she feels she has to take the place of her 2 sisters and also her brother who died at birth and this is a big responsibility.

Her father feels guilty and he wishes he was the one who died and her mother wants to cling to her which is very overwhelming. The reader must be aware that this novel jumps backward and forward in time without any warning but I think it happens this way as it is an honest account of Chloe’s life and how she sees it.

I feel this book is thought provoking in that this grief spans over 14 years as the accident happens when she is 17. It tugged at my heart strings as Chloe is lost and just looking for love from her fractured parents and everyone she meets, whilst also trying to hang on to her sanity.

It is very deep and deals with escapism in the form of drugs, sex sadness, withdrawal and finding oneself. But saying this it does have lighter moments as well.

Even though this book is hard hitting it affected me immensely and I couldn’t read it without  thinking that this could happen to any family. It delves into taboo subjects and nothing is off limits. Kudos to Chloe as she writes a truthful account of her life and omits nothing. I respect her for putting  her life in the pages of a book.

It made me feel that what she wrote was cathartic for her and I hoped it helped her to find her way back to herself.

Even though this autobiography covers subjects that at times I found hard to read, it also made me cry, smile and fall in love with Chloe even though we have never met.

Thank you for your honesty Chloe and for letting me inside your head. I feel this is a book everyone should read.

Review by Christine R.

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