Methods To Gently Remove Unwanted Facial Hair

There’s nothing wrong with having facial hair as a woman – let’s be clear on that point from the start. It’s not a medical condition, but a beauty standard imposed by our society. 

With that said, facial hair can leave you feeling uncomfortable. If you had a choice, you’d probably opt for getting rid of it. 

If you’re looking to remove facial hair, what should you do? Take a look at the following hair removal strategies. 

Wax Your Facial Hair

You’ve heard of waxing your legs and your bikini line, but does it work for the face too? It turns out that it does. You can use soft wax which you pull off in strips or get a practitioner to do it for you. 

The way wax works is fascinating. You apply it to your face in the form of a paste. You then wait for it to set around the hairs before stripping it off, and taking all the hair with it. It’s a widespread practice, but it might not be for you. 

The reason for this is the irritation that it can cause some people. Waxing applies a large amount of force to the face. This force can be so high that it disturbs the layers of the skin, causing a sensitive reaction. It can also lead to the breaking of the hair shaft and damage to the follicle, leading to surrounding skin becoming inflamed. 

Shave Your Facial Hair

Many women prefer to use waxing and other techniques to shaving because of the idea that using a razor causes hair to grow back more thickly. This idea is a myth. When you shave, all you’re doing is chopping strands of hair in half. You don’t encourage growth, and you don’t create brand new hair follicles when you do it. 

The good news, therefore, is that you can shave your facial hair just like men do. It might feel a little prickly when the strand comes through the next day, but you’re not going to increase the hair on your face: other factors determine that. 

When’s the best time to shave? Grooming experts suggest that you do it immediately after having a shower. The skin is most supple at this point, reducing inflammation

You can also buy women’s shaving foam to help reduce the friction as the blade cuts through the hairs. Women’s shaving foam is exactly the same as men’s but with a slightly different fragrance. 

If you do plan on using a razor, be careful not to make too many passes over the same area of your face. You could end up irritating your skin. Never use a blunt razor. 

Remove Facial Hair With Threading

Places like Lebanon and Iran make extensive use of a technique called threading. The way it works is pretty straightforward. You get a thin cotton thread and then pull it taut over spots you want to remove hairs. The thread plucks hairs from the follicle, similar to waxing. The ultimate result is the same. 

Threading, however, works on a single follicle at a time. It’s much gentler than waxing, though it requires a special technique. 

If you have a lot of facial hair, you might need doctor assessments. Hormonal issues could be driving your excessive hair growth. Threading is impractical if you have an abundance of facial hair. 

Use Topical Hair Removal Agents

Removing hairs or chopping them to a shorter length is time-consuming. Most women would prefer to remove facial hair by rubbing some hair removal agent into their skin. 

It turns out that there are some prescription medications which can reduce hair growth, like Vaniqa. These ointments are highly effective, but the effects wear off as soon as you stop using them. They’re not a long-term solution. 

Get Laser Hair Removal Therapy

Laser hair removal is a semi-permanent hair removal technique which many women use to get rid of unwanted hairs on their face. The way it works is simple. A clinician fires a small laser beam at your hair, transferring heat down to the follicle and killing it. The idea is that by damaging the follicle, you prevent it from being able to make new hair in the future. 

Laser hair removal is highly effective, but it’s not guaranteed. Practitioners can only remove hairs that they can see. They cannot kill dormant follicles. If you want to get rid of unwanted hair forever, you’ll have to make several visits to the clinic to make sure you get rid of every last hair. 

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