10 Ways To Make Moving Less Stressful

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or have moved home on several occasions over the years, it can be a very testing time in your life. There are so many different aspects to juggle while the pressure of handling your biggest ever purchase will weigh you down too. Frankly, establishing a clear frame of mind is essential if you want to overcome those challenges.

Follow the following 10 steps to reduce your stress and embrace a smooth move. When you do, it’ll lay the foundations to start the next chapter in style.

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1| Appreciate Your Health

While this is a time of transition, you must not ignore the need to maintain healthy living routines. Without them, your physical and mental health will begin to slide. In turn, this will increase the stress levels and the likelihood of making errors during the road ahead.

Maintaining healthy nutrition is vital, as is getting regular exercise. Most crucially, you should focus on positive sleeping habits. This should significantly enhance your mood.

2| Research The Financial Implications

Keeping your finances in great health is a huge challenge during the moving process, largely due to the hidden fees. Stamp duty is perhaps the biggest issue to consider. However, factor in the costs of various experts is vital too. Even when those professionals are a very worthy investment.

Furthermore, you should think about the change in ongoing overheads following the move itself. Council tax, energy rates, and household costs can all take a turn for the worst. Do not forget it.

3| Choose The Right Estate Agents

It can be tempting to take the DIY approach to selling your current property. In truth, the time and hassle will easily outweigh any minor financial benefits. For the sake of your sanity, hiring a suitable agent to market your property and handle viewings is vital.

As with many aspects of the moving process, knowing that you have the right team in your corner counts for everything. It should go a long way to keeping you calm.

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4| Declutter And Organise

Even before you’ve sold the property, this is a great chance to get rid of unwanted goods. This can potentially earn you a little extra money. Even if it doesn’t, you will find that your home feels bigger, which can help it sell fast. Moreover, you’ll have fewer things to transport.

In addition to removing unneeded items from your life, it’s a great chance to organise your possessions as well as your life in general. When you do, the move won’t knock you off your stride.

5| Inform The Kids

Breaking the news to kids will probably end in a few tears. Nonetheless, it’s vital that you do this early as it shows transparency and honesty. Moreover, it gives them more time to get used to the idea while you can also encourage them to play an active role in the process.

In fact, it may be possible to build some excitement by using simple tricks ahead of moving to the new home. When the kids are happy, your life will be far simpler.

6| Buy A Home In Good Condition

The chances of finding a hoe that will be perfect on the day you move in are quite slim. After all, we all have personal tastes. However, buying a property that is at least in good condition should be high on the agenda. Or else you may end up with costly jobs that send stress levels through the roof.

While being vigilant at the viewing is important, finding reputable home surveyors is crucial. If nothing else, their confirmation will put any related fears to bed, allowing you to enjoy the move.

7| Hire A Removals Specialist

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Transporting your items from one property to the other is immensely difficult, and even tougher when moving in with someone. Using professional furniture removalists will soon overcome those problems. While it costs a little more than the DIY option, the rewards are insane.

Your products will be transported promptly and safely, which puts your mind at ease too. Moreover, you’ll be in a position to dedicate more time and attention to other aspects of the big move.

8| Checklist All Document Requirements

Moving home will mean that you need to migrate various bills to your new address. This includes your utility bills, driver’s license, and work invoices or payslips. Be prepared to take control of this step at the earliest stage and it will significantly help you through the process.

There’s nothing worse than encountering a fine or leaving personal details at risk through neglect of this key step. When things are written down, you will have far fewer fears about forgetting items.

9| Pack One Room At A Time

Even when using experts to transport goods, you need to pack them. Starting early is imperative as other issues can surface to get in the way. Besides, being in charge of this situation can leave you feeling as though you are on top of everything. Moreover, you should pack one room at a time.

Start with packing from the garage and other rooms that aren’t used as often. Leave the lounge, bedroom, and bathroom essentials until last. Finally, be sure to clearly label all rooms.

10| Opt For A Midweek Move

If your schedule options are limited, a weekend move is fine. However, as long as you avoid the rush hour, a midweek move can work wonders. The pressure is reduced, as are the costs. Moreover, if you move on a Tuesday, you have half a week to get ready for the weekend.

This solution won’t always be possible. When it is available, though, ti can be a secret weapon in your ongoing battle against stress. For that reason, it’s always worth considering.

The Final Word

You cannot eradicate stress altogether. Nonetheless, the above tips should allow you to keep stress at a minimal level. In turn, you’ll be ready to start truly loving your new home from the moment you step inside.

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