Simple Ways To Treat Your Kids

Now, I’m not saying that spoiling children is a good idea, but sometimes it is nice to provide them with a treat during the long summer break, or a reward for doing something well. Of course, it can be really confusing to know what sort of thing is suitable when it comes to treating your kids, and that is why I have put together the guide below.

Spend quality time with them

Believe it or not, often what kids really what is real quality time with their parents. In fact, spending quality time together, making memories and forging bonds is not only a great way to treat your children but can also make the family dynamic run much more smoothly as well.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways that you can spend some quality time with your kids. One that works partially well is to host a board game evening on a Friday or Saturday night, as this gets everyone together and provides entertainment as well. You can even make it extra special by allowing the child that is being rewarded to pick the game and the teams, something they are bound to enjoy.

Take them on a dinner date

It’s not just adults that like to eat out, kids do too, and that is why taking them out for a meal can be a fantastic way to reward good behaviour or achievement. Of course, it often works best if you match the kind of place you go to with the age or the child, and let them in on the decision as well.

What that means is older kids may do better in fancier restaurants, while younger kids that aren’t able to sit still for long periods might do better at a burger joint, or even with a yummy Thai takeaway at home instead. The latter being situation that you can make even more special by laying out a picnic blanket on the floor, or evening creating a fort in which you can eat and then watch movies after.

Treat them to something they want

Now, kids often have a very clear idea of items they want including clothing, electronics and toys and opting for something off their want list can work really well as a treat.

In fact, the longer they have wanted the items them better because then you will know that it’s not just a fad or impulse buy. Therefore you can be sure that they will get genuine use and value from the item, and that their treat will mean a lot to them.

Allow them more screen time

Finally, when it comes to treating your kids on a more everyday day basis why not consider additional screen time privileges? The reason being that this can work in exceeding well as kids love to use their phones, games consoles and computers, but as parents we are always trying to encourage them to get a balance in life.

Of course, treating additional screen time as a treat rather than a right reinforces this, and provides you with an opportunity to encourage some extra fun as well. Something that makes it a smart, and low-cost way to treat your kids.

One thought on “Simple Ways To Treat Your Kids

  1. This is a lovely article Anna. I am all for treating the kids, certainly rewarding good behaviour and good performance at school etc. Our kids get 2-3 hours of screen time each week, usually monitored Roblox or YouTube. Otherwise we spend a lot of time playing board games and card games, doing jigsaw puzzles, cooking or going out to the movie/bakery and Bounce. It is a treat for our kids but also wonderful for us parents as we are trying to ensure we give our kids plenty of our time. As we all know, they grow up fast and will be out the door and on with their lives very soon.

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