10 Things That Are Invaluable As A First-Time Mother

Being a first-time mother is full of surprises. Yes, it’s challenging and tiring at times, but it’s also extremely rewarding – you’ll learn something new every day. No matter how prepared you are, you’ll still encounter some difficult days where a little miracle is always welcome.

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Get a little boost to help you in the early stages of motherhood with these ten invaluable things for first-time motherhood.

1. Some space

Childbirth is a huge event in your life, and the first few days will be particularly overwhelming. While you’ll have a lot of people wanting to visit you and wish you and the baby well, it’s also important and that you have a bit of space. Agree on a signal with your partner that signals when it’s time for guest to leave, and try to be strict with the times that people come to visit. You’ll have a lot to cope with as a new mother and entertaining guests will be the last thing on your mind.

2. Feeding support

Whether you choose to breast or bottle feed, it’s important that you get some support while you adjust to your new routine. You can buy everything you need for breastfeeding from Bubbahood, as well as access a fantastic online support group. You might be able to find breastfeeding groups near your home to help you get the support you need as you adjust to your new routine.

3. A good washing machine

Nobody will be able to prepare you for just how much washing you’re going to be doing with a baby in your life. A good machine is invaluable, and will definitely pay for itself. Invest in a new machine before the baby’s born or get your existing machine services – you need something that’s going to last the distance!

4. Sleep

You can expect many sleepless nights when you have a baby, but the sleep deprivation will feel like something else. They say that you should sleep when the baby sleeps, which is easier said than done. There are things you can try to help you get more sleep as a new parent, helping you to recoup your energy ready for the other challenges of parenthood.

5. First photos

Your baby will develop every day, and there’ll be so many moments that you want to capture. Those first photos are precious, and it’s even easier to capture them with your phone. Be sure to capture those special moments, but don’t feel like you have to share them with the world – some things can be kept for you to cherish. Want to improve the quality of your baby pics? Learn some foolproof tips for taking photos of your baby.

6. Some other parent friends

Motherhood can be lonely if you’re one of the first in your friendship circle to have a baby. While it might feel like you’re missing out on things, this is actually a great opportunity for you to make some new friends to share the trials and tribulations of motherhood with. If you need a confidence boost or some ideas on where to get started, then check out this great guide to making friends as a new parent.

7. Some pampering

Adjusting to those first months of motherhood can completely change your routine, and having time to style your hair or put on makeup can be the furthest thing from your mind. However, a bit of pampering time can really raise your spirits and help you remember the pre-baby you. Some me-time is important, so if you can find someone to watch the baby while you get a manicure or get your done, you’ll feel all the better for it and much more like your old self.

8. Endless supplies of baby essentials

The amount of baby wipes, nappies, etc. that were given to you at your baby shower might have seemed excessive at the time, but you’re likely to be going through them quickly. In the lead up to the baby being born, you can make the most of special deals in the supermarket to help you bulk buy while taking advantage of great prices. Having that huge supply of baby essentials will help you to stay calm knowing you have what you need, and will save you having to nip out to the store. Keep an eye on your stocks to make sure you don’t run out.

9. An Amazon Prime account

If you don’t already have one, an Amazon Prime account can be a lifesaver for those last-minute purchases that you’ll inevitably need as a new parent. From ordering your Johnson’s baby supplies to food and other weird and wonderful supplies, you’ll be grateful to be able to order at a touch of a button and save on delivery. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to access kids TV and movies through Prime Video that will help keep you both entertained while at home.

10. Healthy food and snacks

When you’re busy feeding a newborn, you’ll probably find that you barely have time to feed yourself! A cupboard full of essentials will make it easier for you to prepare meals, or grab snacks on the go to help you keep up your energy levels. It’s nice to have some of your favorites around too so that you can enjoy a treat now and then. In the run up to your due date, it might be a good idea to batch-cook some healthy meals that you can freeze and heat up whenever you haven’t got time to cook dinner.

Adjusting to life with a newborn is tough, but with some secret weapons and plenty of support you’ll be ok. Try to prepare as much as possible before the baby’s born to help make those first few months a little easier and to help you settle into your new role as a first-time mother.

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