User Review: PACKage Monthly New Feet Foot Masks

Feet would have to be one of the easiest parts of the body to neglect, and one of the hardest working. The weather is getting cooler and that means having something warm on feet at all times, and I’m actually not sure what my feet like less; always barefoot or always socked.

My feet are atrocious, they are in horrible shape and I just don’t spend enough time trying to reverse that. I could invest in a pumice stone, truth be told I did and I used it occasionally, but it was very time consuming and a little barbaric. I also have a foot file and one of the pedi-eggs that’s pretty much just a cheese grater for my feet. I tried them all but found that the results were not even close to what I wanted, or needed.

The PACKage Monthy New Feet Foot Masks looked like a great option to trial and see if I could make some progress with my feet. My package arrived last week and I had to wait until I could sit long enough to relax while it did its thing, then I had to wait for results before I could write a review.

Let me begin by saying that a review like this would definitely be benefitted by photographic evidence of the results. But I wasn’t taking photos of my feet for anyone.

PACKage is a K-beauty brand, which was a new term to me. They are a Korean brand stocked online in Australia by Style Story and they are part of what seems to me like a complete beauty movement. My biggest issue with it being K-beauty was that I couldn’t find English instructions on the packaging, but there was a media release with instructions and there are instructions online.

Using the product is super simple. The Foot Mask is basically a pair of socks. It was a matter of cutting open the pack, cutting the seal to separate the pair and slipping the socks on my feet. I did discover this evening that there are small tape tabs enclosed in the pack to fasten the socks to your feet, making sure they don’t slide off. I didn’t find these so I slipped my socks back on over the top.

The socks need to stay on for an hour, which was great for me because it meant I had to sit in one spot and read for an hour. Actually, don’t tell anyone but I don’t think you need to sit still. Like with a face mask you could get up and go about your day but being socks I felt it prudent to stay put.

After 60 minutes peel them off and rinse your feet with water. I usually tend to use those time limits as a rough guide, because I get caught up in whatever I’m doing, but the New Feet Foot Masks started to make my feet tingly at almost the 60 minute mark so I was happy to take them off.

In 4-5 days the skin on your feet will slowly start to peel and uncover the soft new skin underneath. Peel, they really will, and it was a little overwhelming for me having never used a foot mask like this. I wasn’t expecting the peeling to be quite so pronounced. The peeling is like sunburn peel, it’s quite large strips and it takes a couple of days for it all to peel. I was just at home and I still felt the need to wear socks so I wasn’t leaving a trail of DNA everywhere I went. The peeling process took 2-3 days and was definitely the worst straight after a shower.

My feet were extremely bad so I’m not going to tell you that they’re perfect; soft, supple and unblemished. But they are an awful lot better than they were and I think with a few consecutive treatments they actually could be perfectly soft and smooth. I am surprised at how marked the difference is and I would definitely recommend the product.

PACKage Monthly New Feet Foot Masks utilise orange peel extract, lactic acid, sage, rosemary and a range of other ingredients to offer soft feet in the comfort of your own home.

RRP: $7.30 per pack or $64.95 for a pack of 10.

For more information and to purchase yours please head to Style Story.

Style Story is an Australian online Korean Beauty store stocking the best and most innovative K-Beauty products. Korean beauty products are famous around the world for the advanced formulations, natural ingredients, innovation, design, and affordability. Style Story is the authorised distributor of the best names in Korean Beauty as well as a staunch supporter of many up and coming brands. More information can be found at

Thanks to Style Story 50 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members will be trialing the PACKage Monthly New Feet Mask and you can read what they thought in the comments below.

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