Johnson’s Baby Products

Johnson’s has always been a popular choice for Aussie parents, and the products are gentle for little ones. Your baby will be left with that sweet baby scent, and bath time will be a relaxing experience. As a mother of two, and one on the way – here are a few of my favourites from the brand:

Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

Washing their hair will be a breeze with this no more tears formula. This is free from soap, hypoallergenic and will leave their locks soft and silky. When washing babies hair I would recommend using a specially designed rinse jug to keep their faces dry at bath time.

This comes in 200ml, 500ml or 800ml. Read more about Johnson’s Baby Shampoo.

Johnson’s 3-Step Bedtime Routine

This is a trio of products I adore, and you will be able to recognise them with their soft purple packaging. Starting with the Bedtime Baby Bath, this will help to start their bedtime routine from a young age, and the collection is designed to prepare them (and you) for a good nights sleep. A few pumps in a warm bath will help them relax, and just like the baby shampoo, it uses a soap-free, hypoallergenic and tear-free formula. This is a time to bond with your baby, and the light scent will encourage quiet time. This comes in 200ml, 500ml, and 800ml.

Next, comes the Bedtime Baby Lotion. This lovely lotion is applied after their bath, with a very gentle massage. Their skin will be left feeling soft, and the mild formula is kind to sensitive skin. This comes in a 200ml bottle and once again, is beautifully scented.

If you prefer a baby oil over a lotion, the Bedtime Baby Oil is a nice alternative. This offers the skin protection and will give them a feeling of calm. Available in 125ml, this will soothe and make them sleepy.

An affordable range of products which will leave your baby calm, relaxed and smelling delicious! Do you use Johnson’s baby products? If you have a favourite we would love to hear about it, please leave your feedback in the comments section below.


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