The Benefits of Pram Liners

Pram Liners help to keep your pram clean and hygienic. If you are someone who uses your pram regularly, it stands to reason that at times your baby may have a bottle while out and about, often resulting in a spill. As they get older toddlers like to snack on-the-go, sometimes it’s the only way to get them to stay seated, and that creates all kinds of mess.

We have never found a pram that was easy to clean, and wiping them down, just doesn’t cut it. Awkwardly tipping them and giving a shake may work for crumbs and sultanas, but often doesn’t get those tiny bits caught in the crevices. How much simpler would it be if you could just lift the liner and put it through the wash?

Comfort can be a major consideration if you use your pram for long periods of time. Prams are often designed with comfort in mind but the padding is only relatively minimal. Purchasing a good quality pram liner will offer extra padding for a comfortable ride whether baby is awake or asleep and regardless of the surface you are walking on.

The other side of the comfort coin is breathability and temperature. A thick padded cotton pram liner can add an extra element of warmth when it’s cool, and a breathable mesh liner can help with breathability while allowing bubs to stay cool in the heat.

Prams are a major investment these days and they can cop some pretty rough treatment, by us and our children. A good quality pram liner can help protect that investment and extend the longevity of your pram.

The fashion aspect of a pram liner is not to be ignored. If you invest in a quality pram chances are you will want it to last for years and through multiple children. New parents often buy a neutral pram knowing that it may have to suit both girls and boys. A pram liner can add a personalised touch, with vibrant colours or cute patterns to offer a sense of style that suits your family and your child.

From another perspective, a pram liner would make a perfect gift for the new parents that seem to have everything. Want something special for a baby shower or the birth of a new baby and just not sure what they need, a pram liner is the perfect choice.

It’s practical, you can choose something to match their personality and it isn’t going to hurt to have more than one because it will make regular washing easier if there’s another to replace it.

Violet and Lily are an Australian owned and family run business with quality and customer satisfaction as their top priorities. They stock a wide range of exclusive and unique pram liners that are designed for ease of use and machine washable. Violet and Lily pram liners are universal which means they are designed to fit most prams and strollers with a five-point harness.

If you buy more than one pram liner in a single transaction you can save, plus there is free shipping Australia wide. These liners provide comfort and butterfly neck support for babies of all ages and stages. To wash your pram liner, simply pop it in a garment bag on a gentle, cold cycle.

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