Reading Wrap-Up for October 2017

It’s November, I don’t know how it happened but we are now officially on the slippery slope to Christmas and another New Year.

October kicked my butt and I ended up ridiculously behind. I did a good run up to the end and caught up on my reviews but there is still one book I haven’t quite finished.

School is back, and I even have occasional care for Master 3 one day a fortnight. This should allow for more work time but it just didn’t seem to happen this month. We have started pre-entry visits for kindy which is a little sad, and super exciting. It also means I lose an afternoon.

The best thing about October though was my weekend escape to my childhood home to surprise my mum and celebrate her birthday; just me and the baby. Reading went well, reviewing didn’t get a thought.

Total Books I read in October: 5
5 Female authors/ 0 Male author
5 Fiction novels
5 print/ 0 digital
Books in  series: 1
5 stars on Goodreads: 4
4 stars on Goodreads: 1
Books that qualify for AWW2017: 5
Books for B&L Book Club: 5

Book Club is going so well that everything I read at the moment is a book club read. Hopefully I will find more reading time in the coming weeks and I can play a little catch-up elsewhere. There is one October read left for book club, I am reading it at the moment and hope to have it done by the end of the week.

Picking a favourite book for October will be hard with those stars. I think Little Secrets, it was different and the suspense was fantastic. A Very Country Christmas was also a fabulous compendium of Australian authors, short and sweet.

Least favourite is one that speaks for itself  but I don’t actually want to label it because it was still a book that I really enjoyed.

Male authors are a little under represented because I’m working on my #AWW2017 total, I’m a lot closer to meeting that challenge than my Goodreads one.

Tonight I am so distracted, and I have an itchy eye, so I’m going to leave it here and go finish The Empress.

What have you read and loved in October?

And if you aren’t a member of the book club but would like to be head over and check it out:

Happy Reading!

October books and their review links where live:
Come Rain or Shine
Little Secrets
War Flower
A Very Country Christmas
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