How to tell when you should get an IV nutrition drip

When it comes to our health and caring for our bodies, keeping up with our nutritional intake can be difficult. Between busy schedules and a lack of sleep, it’s far too easy to lose track of what we’re putting in our bodies, and more often than not, we won’t realise what we need until we start to experience the effects of not having it! Enter IV nutrient drips. The concept is fairly simple – you’re hooked up to an IV that will give your body a dose of the vitamins that your body needs. But how can you tell when you need such a drip? Before you go searching for the nearest Drip and Chill Richmond has to offer, take a look at our list of things you need to look out for to decide if you need a vitamin drip!

When you have a low immune system

If you have a notoriously low immune system, it could be very possible that you just aren’t getting the nutrients that you need for your body to fight off infections, but is a nutrient IV the answer? Immunity boosting ‘vitamin cocktails’ provide your body with all of the vitamins and minerals that your body needs to keep your immune system functioning as it should. Vitamin C can keep your immune system energised, as well as act as an antioxidant, helping the immune system to neutralise any free radicals that could cause cellular damage, while Vitamin B works to support biochemical reactions. If that’s all a little too technical, vitamins C, B and Zinc all work to energise and replenish a tired immune system, so if you’ve been feeling under the weather a lot lately, a nutrient IV could be the answer.

When your diet is lacking

Nearly every clinic you could visit for a nutrient IV will offer some kind of diet-related cocktail. Each clinic may very well have their own mix, so it’s worth taking a closer look when you find somewhere you think might be right for you. In short, diet-related vitamin drips are ideal for detoxing your body, replenishing vitamins you might not be getting enough of in your food, and providing your body with the vitamins it needs to aid your digestive system. There’s also the added benefit that with the right healthy lifestyle, these drips can help you get down to your ideal weight too! In other words, if you feel like your diet is lacking, a diet-related IV could be beneficial.

When you’re feeling tired

I’ve you’ve been unusually tired or exhausted lately, you could be lacking the vitamins you need for alertness and generally feeling awake. Feeling lethargic is never a nice experience, but luckily there are vitamins out there that can help. Take B12, for example. Every cell in the body requires B12, but the body can’t create it on its own. The only way to get this particular nutrient is through dietary intake from foods such as clams, mussels, red meats and dairy, and due to its vital role in energy production in the body, a lack of this vitamin can be detrimental to our energy levels. An energy nutrient IV will provide you with B12, and due to the lack of upper limit, you can be sure that these supplements are completely safe!

When you’re stressed

Nutrient IV drips aren’t just good for your physical health – they can be good for your mental health too. With the right mix of vitamins and minerals, patients can find that their anxiety and stress is at least partially relieved. Carnitine and Ornithine are particularly prevalent in these concoctions, as both can help to promote a far more balanced mood and in most cases, better concentration too. If you find yourself highly stressed or anxious, a tranquillity related nutrient IV drip could definitely be worth investigating!

Always consult your doctor for medical advice.

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