Tips for Travelling with Children

Travelling with children doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With some forward planning, you can get to your destination without any major meltdowns or feelings of regret.

Make your next family holiday enjoyable with these handy tips:

Pack Everything You Need

Depending on the age of your child, what you need to pack will vary slightly. In addition to the essentials, be ready for any situation, do they need a dummy, wet wipes, special blanket or their favourite teddy? Taking a piece of home with them will be comforting in unfamiliar territory. Let them help you to pack their bags with all of their favourites. If you have to walk at any point, consider packing a small stroller for their comfort.

Tell Them What is Happening

If your children are old enough to understand, let them be involved in any discussions about the holiday. This will make them feel as though they are part of the adventure and they will know what to expect and when. For older children, you have the option of giving them a travel journal or a camera to document the trip.

Keep Calm and Don’t Rush

Running late or trying to get from one point to another on a tight schedule is going to make you feel anxious, and they are likely to mirror these emotions. Make time to stretch the legs and have a stop over if required. If driving, you may even consider doing this at night which will allow them to sleep.

Be Careful What You Feed Them

Giving a child sugar right before boarding a plane is never a good idea. Your calm, happy child could instantly transform into a hyperactive handful. Keep the treats for once you arrive. You will be grateful you did! Instead, choose nibbles they can snack on without making a mess. Instead of a big bag of chips, make smaller portions in zip lock bags. Always take a bottle of water.

Don’t Forget the Entertainment

When you are travelling, no one is going to judge you for bringing their tablet or playing DVDs in the car. You can have one section on your phone for your solo travel app, banking and recipes and a separate folder for their own games. Just don’t forget the headphones! If your child is into colouring pack something new, buy them a book or even some lego.

We hope you found these travelling with children tips useful. If you have any additional tips we would love to hear them, you can leave your feedback in the comments section below.

Safe travels!


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