Scholl Light Legs Compression Tights

Winter isn’t over yet, and we still have plenty of cooler days ahead of us. Scholl has a range of tights called Light Legs Compression Tights and they will keep your pins looking and feeling good.

These tights use special technology called Fibre-Firm, this essentially gives you some compression which reduces that heavy feeling after a long day on your feet.  In addition, the compression makes your legs look a little bit slimmer! Through the tights, the compression works in a few different key zones for your added comfort.

There is a range of options to choose from, with both 20 and 60 denier styles available. You can either choose a black pair which lasts up to 100 washes, or you can find natural and black with ladder lock technology which lasts up to 50 washes. If you are careful they won’t rip easily and they are breathable. That is good value for someone like me who is accident prone!

Wear them with a multitude of outfits, and see how easy it is for them to take you from day to night. The different thicknesses mean there is something suitable for these freezing cold mornings, and something for when the weather warms up.

I tend to think of Scholl as a brand who can make my shoes comfier, and it makes sense they can cater to your legs too. Unfortunately, the image above isn’t of my legs, but I WAS wearing a pair of these today!

The Scholl Light Legs Compression Tights have an RRP of $24.99

You can find them at leading retailers and pharmacies. #gifted

Have you tried these? I would love to hear what you think in the comments section below.


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