A House That Grows With Your Family

It’s a sad fact, but we all grow out of our homes at some point. This is especially true if your family is growing. With each child, the need for space increases. The kids could share a bedroom for their early years, but it’s not fair to expect them to do the same later down the line. Everyone needs privacy. And, sleeping arrangements aside, things could get crowded around the house.

If that happens, temper will fray, and arguments will ensue. It’s far from an ideal situation. The best solution to the problem would, of course, be a move to a bigger home. But, that’s not an option for many of us. Moving house is expensive, and a larger home will cost even more. The good news is, there are cheaper ways to achieve a home that fits. Here are a few of them.


When working with limited space, it’s crucial you take note of every inch available. And, that includes the space taken up by walls. It may not have occurred to you before, but walls use a surprising amount of floor space. As such, getting rid of them could be your best bet. When planning to remove a wall, finding a junk removal service is always a good idea as there will be a lot of mess. Open plan living looks more spacious in general. Plus, it quite literally opens your home. Some structural walls will need to stay in place, but a professional can explain which walls you could lose. Then, call in a company to clean up and make an open plan design suit you. A more spacious area will also stop you feeling as though you’re on top of each other. With children around the house, it can also be a safer option. You’ll be able to keep an eye on them from any room!


It’s also worth considering whether to extend your space. While this will cost you, it’ll be a lot cheaper than a new home. Plus, it’ll increase the value on your house in the long run. If you have the money set aside, it’s worth taking the leap.

If you’re not convinced, get a professional to give you a quote. That way, you can either decide whether to do this now or at some point in the future. As stated above, children are happier to share a room when they’re young. You may have a few years before the arrangement becomes a problem, so get saving.


Innovative design may not create more space, but it can create the illusion. In many ways, this is as good as the real thing. Turn your attention to storage ideas which will clean away clutter. Think, too, about getting creative with your designs. Take a look and see if any would work in your home. The more creative you are, the better. Could you turn the understairs cupboard into an office? How about investing in a sofa bed, and using your living room as a guest room?

And of course, once you’ve finally finished designing and structuring your home, it would make total sense to keep it secure. You should at this point consider installing CCTV for permanent surveillance, and for when you’re spending extended periods of time away, getting a property guardian from Orbis Protect would ensure it looks like your home is always occupied, making it look less inviting for thieves to try anything untoward.

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