Easy Changes You Can Make To Save Money On Your Weekly Shop

Remember the days when your money used to stretch so far? Now, the rising costs of living and services like healthcare make it much harder for us to see a happy total in the bank. A survey by the Australian Psychological Society showed that nearly 60% of young Australians are stressed about money. In fact, financial problems came in at the number one spot for the biggest cause of stress to our nation. 49% of people surveyed said they worried about money more than anything else. Additionally, the study revealed that women were more likely to be stressed about money than men. But with the price of goods and services looking to either stay the same or increase even more, is there anything we can do?


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Stop buying brand new things

A large amount of the average person’s money goes on buying brand new goods. These goods can be anything from clothes to electronics to furniture. The general consensus amongst the public is that new = better. Many people are wary to buy second-hand goods for fear of them being in a poor state or breaking easily. But, you could actually save hundreds of dollars a year by ditching the need for fresh-on-the-market items. You can find plenty of stylish clothes – even some designer pieces – at charity shops if you’re willing to look through the rails. Look on local selling websites or social media groups to see what items people are selling or swapping in your area. Just remember to be savvy about it. Never pay for anything before seeing the item in person first, or before taking it home. Most honest sellers will ask you for a deposit if what they are selling is particularly expensive, so just watch out for scammers. Make sure you get a receipt for whatever you buy.

Start using coupons and vouchers

We’ve all marvelled in shock at shows like ‘Extreme Couponing‘. But whilst these programmes ridicule people for shopping only with vouchers, the people using them may have a point. Unless you have a lot of time on your hands, paying for your entire weekly shop with coupons is a pretty unrealistic solution. Also, you might end up buying things you don’t really need just because you have a coupon for it. However, it is definitely worth keeping your eyes open for various vouchers and deals that can save you money. There are also plenty of deals available to help save you money on your online shopping too. Websites such as http://www.mehrgutschein.de/ feature many major retailers, so you’re sure to find a deal on something you love.

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Think about the time that you shop at

If you are shopping in store, consider the time you tend to go. After work and weekends tend to be the busiest time for most shops. If you’re someone who gets stressed in large crowds or in a busy environment, you may want to either shop at another time or start shopping online. If we are stressed, our body enters fight or flight mode, meaning that we want to get out of the situation. For this reason, you are more likely to want to just grab the first item you see and head for the checkout. This can severely affect your ability to browse and get the best deal.

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