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Life has gotten pretty crazy of late so these delicious little snack bars sat on my desk for weeks, just waiting for me to decide the time was right to get snacking.

MySmart Bars are an excellent source of fiber and formulated without gluten, they are a protein bar without added sugar and packed with wholefoods.

Some days you just need that sweet little pick me up, whether it be the 10am or the 3pm slump. Pre-workout, post workout or just a bit of a boost.

MySmart Bars aren’t a meal replacement but they are nutritious, filling and a great sweet treat any time of the day. I snacked on one watching the netball on a freezing Friday night courtside, and I snacked on one waiting in the car for school pickup, and as I worked away at my desk.

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There are two divine flavours of the MySmart Bars in Dark Chocolate and Coconut Cashew.

Coconut Cashew was beautifully flavoured. I was expecting crunchy nut pieces in the bar, similar to a muesli bar, but that was not the case. The texture is more of a baked bar, though not like cake. It’s hard to explain really. The flavour was amazing and the texture was different but easy to eat.

Dark Chocolate was rich and chocolatey but not the bitter after taste sometimes associated with dark chocolate. It shares the same texture as the Coconut Cashew.

Each MySmart Bar contains 150 calories or less, helping to stabilise blood sugar and fight the dreaded sugar cravings.

Ingredients for MySmart Bars are sustainably sourced, high quality and natural. Key ingredients include organic coconut oil and roasted nuts which not only provide a high level of protein but are also true wholefoods.

MySmart Bars are available online at:

RRP: $53.90 for a box of 14

5 of our Beauty and Lace Club Members were able to trial one of each of these delicious bars, I look forward to reading their feedback in the comments section.

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