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If you read that title and your brain switched the words around so you had a coffee prescription, don’t be alarmed – you aren’t the first person. And if you are as attached to your daily coffee as I am then this really is like a coffee prescription delivered direct to your door.

Unfortunately for me, my delivery arrived the day after I blew up my coffee machine… it certainly wasn’t my week because it was also just as my computer became terminally ill. Lucky for me, I had my trusty plunger in the cupboard and have since purchased a stove-top espresso machine.

Now I am an absolute coffee lover, and I think if you are thinking of a coffee subscription you are too so you will understand my excitement when I took the package from the couriers hands and could ALREADY smell that intoxicating aroma of fresh roasted coffee beans. Before I even opened the courier satchel I was salivating over the aroma of the contents.

On opening the satchel and removing the 2 x 250g bags of fresh roasted coffee, ground for my requirements, the aroma enveloped me and I stood in caffeine heaven to soak it up for a few moments.

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Your coffee subscription is customisable to your needs, there are different types of subscriptions and the quantities are adjustable. There are three types of subscription, depending on the amount of control you want over the coffee you are sent.

The Coffee Adventure provides a variety of coffees, The Bean Bag works with their roasters to pick unique coffees. Some of them are only available for a short time.

My Favourite Coffee allows you to select the specific coffee you want to receive each month and you can go back and change it whenever you need to.

Tasting Packs are a one time order, perfect for gifts, that offer a variety of coffee for you to find what you like best.

Subscription options allow you to choose whether you would like Blends, Single Origins, Blend & Single Origins or Decaf and you can choose whether you would like whole beans or ground, and the coarseness of your grind.

The options are to have one delivery a month or two, and each delivery can have 2-4 bags depending on your subscription.

The Bean Bag

The coffees in my sample pack are Kai Coffee Arrow Blend, which is a sweet creamy caramel mouthfeel with a full-bodied milk chocolate body and Tim Adams The Doctor House Blend, which is a densely flavoured yet delicate cup highlighting sweet and rich dark chocolate flavours. Cedar and tobacco notes bring weight to the cup with melted brown sugar and a hint of thick molasses detectable in the finish.

I love my coffee but I’m not a connoisseur, I can’t comment on the subtle notes and the hints of flavour. What I can tell you is what I like, what I love and what just doesn’t do it for me.

I love both of these coffee varieties, they make a full bodied and satisfying coffee that really hit the spot. The coffee is satisfying, the aroma is divine and though I’m satisfied I’m still left wanting more.

The thing that makes The Bean Bag subscription service so special is the freshness of your coffee. If you buy your coffee in a supermarket there’s no guarantee how long those beans have been roasted for and your coffee offers the best flavour freshly roasted. The Bean Bag ships to you within days of the beans being roasted to ensure peak freshness. I received my pack on the 25th June but I’m outside a metro area so it took qutie a while to reach me, I know it was shipped at least a week before I received it and my bags were roasted on the 13th and 16th of June.

I could definitely taste the difference in the freshness and these beans are divine.

Prices differ depending on your subscription choices but they start at $29.95 (+GST) for 2 bags of Coffee Blends once a month. The Bean Bag ships Australia Wide for FREE, though there are some areas that do incur a shipping fee.

The Bean Bag is an innovative and brilliant idea, the business has just launched and there is a code on the website for a 50% discount on your first months subscription.

Head over to The Bean Bag for more information and to secure your coffee prescription today, you won’t regret it.

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