Bikini v costume: Which is best for your summer getaway?

It’s nearly time to start planning your packing list for that summer getaway, but when it comes to bikinis or costumes what should you be taking with you? Well, it all depends on what you’re going to be getting up to on holiday!

In the past the only options were bikinis, as swimsuits were usually reserved for serious swimmers and very few brands designed fashionable costumes but in 2016 more and more retailers are pushing out swimming costumes alongside their other swimwear lines. Here are the pros and cons for each:



Great for an even tan – If you want an all over tan then a bikini is your best bet. Bikinis are best if you’re just sun worshipping throughout your holiday i.e. lying still all day.

Cute designs – Bikini design has really improved lately and you don’t have to wear that tiny triangle top and string bikini anymore. There are fringed, mesh, Bardot, high neck and cut out designs all available to purchase now that should look amazing under the cover ups for the beach you’ve also packed.

You can mix and match. Want to wear bright red bikini bottoms with a black top? You can! Bikinis allow you to change up your style and put prints and colours together to create a fun look. Swimming costumes definitely don’t offer this interchangeability.


Don’t leave much to the imagination – If you’re not the type who likes baring a lot of flesh then a bikini might not be the best option as many use as little material as possible.


Swimming costume


Ideal for watersports – A swimming costume is going to be much more secure than a bikini top when it comes to taking part in watersports such as water skiing or even snorkeling. Jumping in the pool won’t be an issue either, you won’t have to worry about anything falling out or riding up while wearing a costume! If you’re the active type on holiday a costume might be a better choice over a bikini.

Great for the body conscious – While we prefer the mantra of ‘every body is a bikini body’ and you should wear what you love no matter your size, some of us still feel a little conscious round the pool with our stomach out. This is why swimming costumes are great, they hide what you want to hide and some even come with support for tummies to keep everything looking smooth. If you’re into the whole ‘dressing for your body shape’ thing, then this helpful guide deserves your attention.


Not ideal for tanning – A costume covers up more than a bikini, so you’re going to go home with a startlingly white stomach compared to the rest of your body. Now, this could be considered a con if you wear a lot of crop or plunging tops but if not it shouldn’t make much of a difference.

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