The Ultimate Guide To Achieving The Body Confidence You Want

It doesn’t matter how young or old you are. We all have those moments when we feel a little subconscious about our bodies. It can dent our confidence a little. And if we’re very worried about it, we can become quite distressed. It’s not fun to lose confidence in your looks. But there are lots of different things you can do to help you regain that happy feeling we get when we know we’re looking great. Here is the ultimate guide to achieving the body confidence you want:


Having a lot of self-confidence and displaying confidence are two different things. Whether you’re having a great day, or you’re feeling a little less than happy, your posture will reveal which it is. A good, strong, upright posture suggests confidence and appears attractive to other people. You can easily improve your posture with exercises and few corrections.

Be aware of your shoulders and your neck. Shoulders should be relaxed and placed back a little. This frees up your neck a lot. It relaxes your entire body and frame, so you look happier and more confident. It can also help the energy flow around your body. You might feel more vibrant and less lethargic if you can correct any posture problems.


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When we’re feeling less than confident or you have some stress, the head may tilt to the side or flop back a little. A straight and strong neck will keep your head upright. This makes you appear taller and even a little slimmer as it corrects any slumping. A freer neck may also help you walk more confidently too as it helps with balance and core strength.

Daily stretches and posture holding can help improve the appearance of your frame as you sit, stand and walk. Relaxation techniques and meditations can also help free your body by removing any tensions. Perhaps most importantly, you’ll have improved freedom for breathing, letting more air in and out of your body. This can help us feel good all day long.


Improving your strength and posture is what fitness is all about. We all would like to be faster and stronger. Some of us wouldn’t mind toning up a little too! Improving your fitness can help you sculpt your body into the shape you want. There are, of course, limits on what can be achieved. But if you’re looking to tone up a little and blast away any excess fat, then exercise is a brilliant way to do it.


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There are lots of different ways to exercise. Some activities, like weight lifting, will build up our muscles over time. This is great for increasing strength and can help us appear more toned. It’s a great way to feel more confident. You may want to include plenty of stretches in your exercise program too. This will ensure your body is flexible and reduces the risk of injury.

Cardio workouts are great for improving your stamina. They also burn calories pretty effectively. If your lack of body confidence is due to excess weight, cardio like jogging or cross training can be a great fat burner. Combine your different workouts so you have some strength training and stretching work too.

Cosmetic Enhancement

Most of us have had a fleeting thought about cosmetic treatments or surgery at some point. There are so many different procedures and treatments available. It seems there could be a solution for everybody confidence problem. When you’re seriously considering a procedure, it’s important to bear in mind that there may be some recovery time required.

Using surgery to sculpt your body into a new shape could be one way of handling a body confidence issue. If you look at you’ll see there are several different ways to enhance your chest. Some of us would prefer to be a different shape so we can fit into the fashions we see in the stores. Others of us just want to be closer to the shape we see in magazines or on TV.


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There are so many reasons for choosing surgery. Age and motherhood can dramatically alter our bodies after all. It can be quite upsetting to deal with sometimes. Cosmetic treatments can improve the effects of aging or even correct skin and shape abnormalities. Surgery may be more costly and require more downtime. But if you feel that this could be worth it to improve your confidence, it is worth speaking to a surgeon.


Most of us love fashion. And who doesn’t like indulging in a little fashion retail therapy? There are several ways you can use fashion to help you feel more confident with your body. Dressing for your shape is one of the best ways to look good and feel good. For example, if you have a smaller chest, you could wear tops that have a bit more structure around that area. Pleats and ruffles are ideal. The extra detail and shape give the impression that there is more under there!


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If you’re a little self-conscious about your tummy area, try raising the waistband. An empire line fit will appear quite slimming because this is often our narrowest part of the body. Longer length skirts or dresses with an A-line or flared hem will suggest our legs are elongated. Very feminine! Color choice can also help. White on the bottom can help fill out a slimmer leg while bright colors can help our top halves feel fuller.

You can find out what body shape you are, and then find fashion that suits that shape. Generally speaking, an hourglass shape is what we’re all striving for. You can use fashion to help create that, even if you don’t feel your body is that way. Wearing great fashion can make us feel really confident as well.

Face and Hair

It’s not just our bodies that we may be self-conscious about. Our faces and our hair can also be the cause of concerns about our looks. We all get blemishes from time to time. Often, makeup can be used to conceal any marks that we don’t want others to see. But some people have more permanent skin complaints. Rosacea, scarring, or acne can be very noticeable when it’s on the face.

Taking care of your skin is really important, especially on your face. Makeup techniques can help mask a lot of problems. But diet could be a big part of it too. Try some dietary changes to help improve any skin problems. There may also be medical, homeopathic, or cosmetic treatments to help too. It’s not fun feeling like people are staring. Usually, they’re not. Most people don’t notice these sort of things. And those closest to us simply don’t care.


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Hair can be wayward too. Bad hair days are pretty normal. But sometimes hairlines can recede, hair can fall out, or it is simply unmanageable. You can look at to see what cut may work for your face shape. Finding a style that helps hide problem areas is one way to cope. Take care of your hair with a good diet and nourishing styling products is another good idea. Don’t be afraid to try new things with your hair. After all, many people change their style each season. And if a wig or implants make you feel more beautiful and confident, then give that a try!

Love Yourself

Did you know that someone out there is envious of your looks? Maybe they wish they had your hair color. Perhaps they dream of having lashes as long and lush as yours. And that tiny waist is the envy of so many girls trying to lose weight. All of us admire those girls who have gorgeous looks and fashion sense. And yet, chances are they’re looking at you and feeling jealous too.


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Loving yourself is an important part of improving your body confidence. Love the skin you’re in. Be happy in your body. These are all things people say when we get a little bit whiny about the size of our backsides or the redness in our cheeks! But it can be so hard to do. Do we just stop caring about those things that bother us? Of course not. But it might be possible to stop being bothered by them right now. Have a look at to find out more. We can always work toward looking the way we want later.

We should be bothered by things that affect our health. If you’re carrying a little extra weight, maybe a little extra activity would be a good idea. If your skin is dry, some extra care with our diet and skin care could be helpful. Staying healthy is really important. And if doing that makes us feel more body confident, then we’ll probably feel pretty good about it!

Achieving body confidence is about so much more than working out, eating well, and standing proud and tall. It’s about acceptance of the body we live in too. Nobody is perfect. Yet most of us seem to want to be that way! We love the people we’re close to, no matter how they look. They’re getting older and wrinklier too. And they love us just as much, no matter what. So be confident you look great by feeling great.

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