Getting The Right Hair Style Doesn’t Have To Be Hard. Read These Key Tips.

Your hair is the one thing that can make or break your look. Short or long, curly or straight, the right hairstyle can frame your face and boost your confidence.

With all the tutorials on hairstyles out there right now, how do you know which one will suit you?

Know your hair type

The first thing you need to consider when picking a new hairstyle is what type of hair you have. Let’s compare fine, thick, and curly:

Fine Hair

You know you’ve got fine hair if:

  1. You struggle to keep a curl in for longer than an hour,
  1.  Your hair needs backcombing and loads of product to get any volume,
  1. Your hair can become flyaway with a 1-degree difference in temperature,

Fine hair is best cut in layered and feathered styles. You can also create texture with high and low lights. Product will be an important part of your regimen. Volume shampoo and powder products can get some more oomph into your locks for straight styles. If you are going for curls., use a heat sensitive curling products and choose the best curling iron for fine hair you can find.

Thick Hair


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You know you’ve got thick hair, if:

  1. You have to have it regularly cut to keep it in a style,
  1. If it grows out instead of down,
  1. If after a night’s sleep your bed head is so bad, that you look like the frontman in a punk rock band.

Thick hair suits defined and shaped cuts, with feathering and razoring to remove some of that extra body. If you are looking for a shorter style like a pixy cut, consider keeping it longer on top and razoring the back and sides. This will stop that mullet look as your hair starts to grow out. Product wise, check out some styling wax to tame your locks into a defined style.

Curly Hair

If you are a curly haired person, you are probably sick to death of straight haired people saying “Oh I wish I had curly hair.” They don’t understand all the work that goes into taming your locks. They just don’t realise all the effort that goes into those beautiful curl.  It is true, though, that well styled curly hair is the envy of many people.

For curly hair products, your best bet is to look at one of the defrizzing serums on the market to give you that glossy flat look. For styling tools, it does depend on the look you are going for. Straighteners are a good buy as you can straighten and curl with them. If you are looking to give more definition to your natural curl, try curling mousse and a styling wand.

Face Shape

You also need to consider you face shape when choosing a hair cut. Get your face ratio by measuring from the top of your hairline to your chin and across your face from the widest parts. Divide the width by the length and If your ratio is over 1.5 you have a longer face, which suits more voluminous styles.

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